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Measuring small

Is anyone else’s bump measuring small?? Or has in a previous pregnancy??

Re: Measuring small

  • how small are we talking? You can measure 3 cm (approximate weeks) either way from your actual week and it's fine, based on where and how baby is and how much fluid you have. Both of my previous kids were super active in the womb and I regularly measured 1-2 weeks behind. This baby is lazy and I've been measuring 1-2 ahead.
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  • My first was growth restricted. I don’t remember how far behind my bump was but when I finally got a growth scan he was measuring several weeks behind. He was <0% at birth and was textbook iugr appearance. No brown fat, sunken face, flakey and loose skin, etc. 
    Trust your gut and advocate for growth scans to monitor progress. Undetected IUGR is a cause if stillbirth and I hate being told babies measuring small is normal. Even if they’re genetically small, they should still be monitored. Even though they can be +/-, it’s good to see them grow along their curve and monitor BPP and doppler flow. 

    Anyways, my bump was measuring small from late second trimester or so and I wasn’t given an ultrasound until 36 weeks when I made an appointment with a different doctor. 
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  • I just got diagnosed with IGUR and he’s in the 3 percentile for growth. I also just found out we have to go back for another fetal echo (had one after anatomy scan) because something is wrong with a blood vessel. I have to go in twice a week for a NTS and a ultrasound with MFM. 

    I’m here to chat but it’s so scary and I don’t really know how to feel :(. I haven’t been on here much because I’ve been so stressed this pregnancy with problems. 
  • @bdl4349 I’m an IUGR mom, too! It can be scary, but it sounds like they’re monitoring baby pretty closely. Once those babies are out they tend to do very well, even if it’s early. My son is still small for his age but he caught up to his genetic potential in the first 3 years.
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