2nd Trimester

CRL at 16/17 weeks scan

yumskyyumsky Newbie
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Good morning! I was at the 16+1 scan today and was a bit worried to see that CRL was only 87mm after it has been 76mm almost 3 weeks before at the 13+2 scan. According to the internet it should be around 110mm by now. However, it looked like the baby was a bit curved and not straight, so I[m trying to convince myself that its because of that it couldnt be measured properly but I forgot to ask the doc.

The other measurements like BPD was precisely to date (3.5cm) as well as the stomach and leg bone.

Do you remember your CRL measurement around that time?

Re: CRL at 16/17 weeks scan

  • I don’t remember - but my MFM provider was explaining that if the tech is just a millimeter off in marking things it can completely change your numbers - especially before the 20th week.
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