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Weekly check-ins August 29

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Baby is the size of a(n):

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GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self?

Re: Weekly check-ins August 29

  • EDD / Weeks + Days: Feb 4/ 17+2

    Baby is the size of a(n): pomegranate 

    Team blue/pink/green: blue

    Upcoming Appointments: next Wednesday! It’s our anatomy scan and I’m so excited.

    How are you feeling?: mostly good but tired. I think I overdid it this weekend because I had more energy so I just used it all up, and now I’m taking a half day to recuperate. Oops…

    Rants/Raves: We got our new car after 7 weeks of waiting! And I love it, but the dealership pulled a bait-and-switch and wanted $10k over MSRP, which we weren’t told when we reserved it 7 weeks ago. We were never given an official quote, so no legal recourse, and we did get them down to $5k over, but it was so unacceptable and we couldn’t wait another 2 or more months for a different car from a different dealership so here we are.

    Questions: Has anyone used nitrous for pain relief during labor? It’s not common here but is offered by our hospital, and I’m curious about people’s experiences with it. I’m starting to seriously consider the different pain control options and want to be able to start discussing them with my midwives group at the next appointment.

    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self? How early I “settled down” (in my early 30s 😂) and that I married my college boyfriend. She would not be surprised that I made him wait to get married until I was done with grad school, nor would she be surprised that we moved out of state for my career even though I make far less than he does and always will.

  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 14w 3d

    Baby is the size of a(n): Peach

    Team blue/pink/green: Team Green til Birth! 

    Upcoming Appointments: Seeing my midwife this Thursday and looking forward to at least hearing my baby’s heartbeat but hoping to doing another ultrasound so I can see my little one. 🥰

    How are you feeling?: Great! For the most part my energy is back except for one day last week. I’ve had some occasional mild waves of nausea. 

    Rants/Raves: Rave - We celebrated my husband’s birthday yesterday with a Sunday Brunch with a small group of friends. I was so proud of myself. I had enough energy to prepare and cook a multi dish  meal for a party and serve on time. I was most  happy with the banana dark chocolate french toast casserole paired with a coffee infused maple syrup. It was so delicious!

    Questions: I’m starting to do research on lactation, breastfeeding, and formula. I plan to try my best to breastfeed my child but I want to know my options. Formula may be needed to help in the beginning until my milk fully comes in. Any recommended resources on that? 

    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self?

    My younger self would be surprised that I am living in the southwest wayyyyyy longer than I had intended to. I came down here for a learning opportunity for a month and was suppose to return to the east coast. I’ve now been here for over 12 years. If it wasn’t for the fact that I met my husband down here and his job is here, I would have been long gone out of the state where I feel like a fish out of water. I have learned to make the best out of it. I still hope we will find a way to move out and settle in a location that would be a better fit in the future. 
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  • EDD / Weeks + Days: Feb 5//17w1d

    Baby is the size of a(n): folded up pair of sunglasses 🕶 

    Team blue/pink/green: Finding out in 3 weeks!

    Upcoming Appointments: 20 week anatomy scan on the 19th

    How are you feeling?: Pretty good for the most part. My patience is a little thin these days, I feel so bad for my family, but I’m trying. Hormones can be such a pain sometimes!

    Rants/Raves: Rant - I think we’re dealing with ANOTHER ear infection in my 3yo 😔

    Questions: Anyone thinking names yet??

    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self? I think my job would be the most surprising to my younger self. Not something I studied in school or had ever considered before.
  • I just intro’d myself today even though I’ve been lurking for awhile but I have a question after some findings in my U/S today so wanted to jump in. 

    EDD / Weeks + Days: February 14 / 15w6d 

    Baby is the size of a(n): an apple 🍎 

    Team blue/pink/green: blue! 

    Upcoming Appointments: Had an U/S today 

    How are you feeling?: I feel good. In that awkward stage where you are showing a little but not where it looks like a pregnant bump. So annoying! 

    Rants/Raves: the above! 

    Questions: I was told at my NT U/S that they suspected a 2-vessel cord but they wanted to do a recheck at 16 weeks when they could see better. I went in for the recheck today and it was confirmed. However, everything else looked perfect. Has anyone else been told this or dealt with something similar in the past? 

    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self? Hm, that’s a tough one. But probably also my job. As someone else said, not anything I went to school for or picture myself doing. 
  • seeds_of_joyseeds_of_joy member
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    EDD / Weeks + Days: 15 days tomorrow 

    Baby is the size of a(n): naval orange 

    Team blue/pink/green: pink 💖

    Upcoming Appointments: next Tuesday with my midwife 

    How are you feeling?: Really good mostly

    Rants/Raves: I found out that I have a sensitivity to egg, peanut, almond, cashew, cow's milk, wheat, barley and some other things. The not being able to eat baked goods unless I specially make them with weird ingredients part is the hardest. 


    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self?
    Being a mom of 6 and a homeschooling one at that would surprise me greatly but even more than that is having a different ethnicity than I grew up with (thought I had) and having a different biological dad. I know this would shock me greatly because I'm still dealing with the shock and trauma that comes from finding out you're donor conceived at 35 and it's been 5 years. If someone would tell the young me that I would be in this situation, I would most definitely be surprised. 😵‍💫 Life is full of surprises.
  • seeds_of_joyseeds_of_joy member
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    @ladykaty91 we've had a name picked out since almost the beginning! I have a friend who had a dream and we bunny trailed from that and found a name that feels right even before we knew the gender. Probably sounds weird. ☺️

    @fertile-turtle I have thought about nitrous oxide too. If we were having a hospital birth, I would definitely consider it because it works wonders for me at the dentist. Unfortunately my midwife doesn't offer it at home so I'm planning to go all natural again. 
  • @fertile-turtle I used nitrous for my first but it has never really done much for me so I’m not sure why I tried. Also I could never figure out when it was most beneficial to use. They told me to put it on right as the contraction was starting but I was induced and I couldn’t really feel individual contractions just continuous pain, so I didn’t find it useful.  

    @ttc3y I love brunch and that sounds amazing! Go you for doing that 🙂

    @ladykaty91 we are on the struggle bus with names but we have been trying. We’re team green so need both boy and girl names and this is our 3rd so it’s hard. 
  • @ladykaty91 and @angbaby83 Definitely not sure what do to about names. Team green here too and will need to come up with a male and female name. Even though this is our first, we have the added complexity of me wanting to represent 3 different cultures all in one name (I’m half Hong Kong Chinese and half Filipino and my husband is Caucasian). So it will be interesting how the names will pan out. 

    @sienna221 Welcome to our community! I can definitely relate to the awkward body shape place. I can still pass as non-pregnant but looking a bit frumpy. As of two weeks ago, I can no longer comfortably fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans and have graduated up to the maternity jeans. 

    @seeds_of_joy I feel your pain when it comes to food sensitivities. Once upon a time, I had 37 foods to avoid and did a 3 month 4-day rotational/ food elimination diet to heal my gut. I felt so much better when I did the work and lifestyle changes. I really love the minimalist baker for recipes and ideas to bypass the gluten, dairy, and egg issue and still eat a delicious baked good. I’m happy to support you in any way I can with the leaky gut situation. 
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 15+1 

    Baby is the size of a(n): Pear 

    Team blue/pink/green: Team blue, found out yesterday <3 

    Upcoming Appointments: 20 week scan is scheduled for october, but I should be getting a message from hospital for 1st midwife appointment any day now. 

    How are you feeling?: Tired, and frequently bickering with S.O. We'd never fight pre-pregnancy, and we don't fight now either, but it does feel like we can barely speak without semi-arguing over little things. Apart from needing plenty sleep still and feeling uncharacteristically short tempered, I actually feel rather good. 

    Rants/Raves: So. An example of the bickering with S.O.: He doesn't even want to consider names until we know what "the baby is like", which I think is a bit silly in the first place. We don't absolutely have to choose ahead of birth, but in my mind we need to find some names we are sort of on the same page about, so we don't start from scratch once we have the baby, only to find out we can't agree on anything. But in stead of seriously thinking about what sort of names he likes, he keeps sending me not serious suggestions like "Osama bin Larsson" or names from the fantasy world, like Gandalf. He's joking, but a) I don't find it funny at all, especially as he's doing it for 4 months now, and b) I absolutely won't be calling my child "hey you" for the first 6 months because they haven't developed enough of a personality for him to think they are worthy of a name. So that's my main rant this morning! 


    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self? How ordinary my life is :D Pretty sure 11 year old KP would have imagined I'd be world president or a famous athlete or actress by now, not just a normal non-famous person living a normal eight-to-four life! 
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 16w

    Baby is the size of a(n): avocado 

    Team blue/pink/green: blue 💙

    Upcoming Appointments: next Wednesday with my midwife 

    How are you feeling?: overall pretty good! Just a bit more short tempered in general which I don’t love.

    Rants/Raves: I started feeling him move this week and I’m just super thankful! 

    Questions: none currently

    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self?
    Probably that I’m a homeschooling, stay at home momma instead of being an educator in a traditional classroom. 
  • @seeds_of_joy I feel you on the food sensitivies. I have a list as well that I didn’t learn about until I was in my late 20s. Hopefully knowing will help resolve some of your stomach issues. The big one for me was coconut (after dairy and gluten were already eliminated), once I took it out of my diet and allowed my gut to heal some I haven’t had consistent stomach pain since! It does get easier to make your own baked goods and such. Best wishes on feeling better. 
  • seeds_of_joyseeds_of_joy member
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    Glad I'm not the only short tempered one here 😂

    @justkp I would be irritated too if my husband didn't want to think about names. He even named our firstborn first and middle name as soon as we found out the gender and I wanted to be irritated because of lack of control but I loved the name. He also named our 3rd and he's the one who came up with the first name for this one. I think if your man hears the right name, he'll know. I'm big on "right names". You'll both know when you hear/see it. Some of our names weren't even on our list of consideration. One was the name of a small town and my husband saw it on a sign. One was the oddest name from the Bible and now that we know his personality, it makes sense. One we weren't thrilled about but our oldest son insisted that's his name and he was right. One is the name of the grandma I never met and isn't actually related to me after all. 😆

    @itsjess627 and @ttc3y thanks for the encouragement. I really do want to try to eliminate this stuff for now. It's been a lot easier for some of it. The whole "no almond" thing really makes me sad because almond is a substitute itself and I drink almond milk, eat almond butter, use almond flour,eat almonds, etc. With such a large family to feed, it's also hard to cater to a special diet. I'll have to check out this minimalist Baker. 
  • @justkp my SO was the same until my cousin’s daughter was born at the beginning of the month and it was 4 days before they announced her name, and he realized how quickly you kind of need one and how little personality they’re going to be able to display in that time. I also think that no matter what you name him, you’ll associate the name with his personality, and nicknames are always a consideration and an option, too.

    Since then, we’ve been playing “baby name Tinder” with the Baby Names app from BabyCenter. It’s great because my SO has been able to get his jokes out by swiping right on some joke names, but I can only see what we’ve both liked so it’s not nearly as frustrating. Because we’ve been very selective about our (serious) choices, we’ve got a short list right now of 4 first names, and we agreed to keep going for another month or two then start pairing them with family names for middle names and narrowing it down to 1-3 combos before he’s born.
  • seeds_of_joy By no means are you the only one! I thought this would stop after 1st trimester :D I wish mine had that sort of initiative (but then I would probably have the same control issues, to be honest ;-) ). But if you're right and he will know it when he hears, I should just start looking for the right one on my own and see if he cops on! 

    fertile-turtle Omg I'm so relieved I'm not the only one (or that he's not the only one, rather!). It really bothered me more than I thought it would, because it kind of highlights the different stages we're at. It's definitely 'my baby' already. For him, it's his 'future baby'. And a baby needs a name, but some 'future baby' might not, you know? I agree entirely with you on the name/personality thing, too. Especially if they are fairly common names, like, you wouldn't be "he does not behave at all like an Oliver" or "he looks nothing like a William". Also the "lack of personality", obviously, but unfortunately we have nobody close by who are giving birth between now and february. So he might have forgotten what a newborn is like since his niece and nephew years ago. We will be legally obliged to name our baby before we have any clue "what they're like". 

    I wish we had the Baby Names app option! But I haven't been able to find one for Danish names, so it has limited use for us. But I would love if he could get all his joke-names out somewhere and not be sending them to me ;-) I like your stepwise approach! I think our best option is to make a list of our serious choices and compare and contrast. Or maybe get him to program something and go digital, he's not an IT developer for nothing. Ooooh! There's an idea!  <3

  • @fertile-turtle I used entonox (nitrous) with both of my previous labors as my pain relief. I loved it. I only used it during active labor and when the contraction would start, I’d stick the regulator in my mouth and breathe deeply through it until the contraction passed, then take it out and breathe normally between contractions. I used it to take the edge off when the midwives were stitching me up after DD, too. I think it helped that I’d done a lot of prenatal yoga and breathing practice during each pregnancy.
  • EDD / Weeks + Days:  17 weeks/2 days

    Baby is the size of a(n): pomegranate 

    Team blue/pink/green: Green til birth!

    Upcoming Appointments: Sept 6th - 18wk with a nurse practitioner 

    How are you feeling?:  Overall good!  Just very tired, all the time.

    Rants/Raves: Feeling more uncomfortable with my body image this early with #3. Bigger and flabbier than I was at this stage with #1 and #2.  Just blah. 

    Questions: NATM

    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self?  Probably that I am still working a full time corporate job at 35 years old while having 2 young kids at home. I always imagined I'd be a SAHM just like my mom was (and i think after #3, that's the goal) but man those bills have a way of piling up in adulthood and parenthood, right??  Also surprising is how nervous I am about that decision to leave the security of a full time job with a steady paycheck and benefits.  But ultimately, I don't want to miss any more of these young years than I already have. 
  • @Paturkey @angbaby83 thanks for the perspectives! I’m definitely looking for alternatives to an epidural, for a variety of personal reasons, and because I’m from rural America, I don’t know many people who have had the option to do something in between unmedicated and an epidural. Theory and studies only go so far in figuring out what would be best for me for something as personal as pain management, and having never given birth before, it’s great to hear the range of experiences. I’m also open to hearing pros and cons of the different pain management philosophies. Breathing and yoga are already on my radar, but I know there are other methods like hypnobirthing and things.
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 16 weeks today

    Baby is the size of a(n): action figure or a dill pickle lol

    Team blue/pink/green: green

    Upcoming Appointments: September 1

    How are you feeling?: still awful and my SPD pain has ramped up. 

    Rants/Raves: rant is feeling terrible. Rave is my son who had been mostly a daddy’s boy has been very snuggly with me and wanting me to do stuff with him which I love. 

    Questions: none 

    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self? Hmm I don’t know. Maybe that I’m married and about to have three kids. I think I wanted that when I was little but I was a late bloomer and I think there was a time when I thought I would be single for life and surrounded by animals lol. 
  • @fertile-turtle You may want to also look into the Bradley method and hiring a labor and delivery Doula for options beyond conventional medicine. There is good evidence base that doulas can help reduce pain (they use a counter pressure technique to help the hips open to allow the baby to descend) and you are less likely to require pitocin (which I heard worsens contraction pains). Using rebozos are another option as well. This is what I have found in my research so far. 
  • @fertile-turtle I was just reading about my new practice offering hypno-birthing classes last night! I also read a recent article about the nitrous gas option because there's apparently an epidural shortage in Canada; something having to do with manufacturing delays for the epidural tube? IDK.  Hopefully that doesn't trickle down to the US! 
    With my first two labors I was team epidural, and they were amazing.  However with my second, my labor progressed so quickly in the triage room that i didn't get the epidural until I was already 10cm, so I felt up a creek without a paddle in terms of managing the pain until then. This time around I'm still team epidural, but want to better prepare myself in the event of another quick labor, epidural shortage, you name it.  I always thought the breathing exercises, positions, hypno birthing strategies were a little too far out there for me; can anyone attest to those strategies and practices actually working?  On the one hand I apologize for the question because I'm sure that they do work, I know people can make a career out of these practices. But on the other hand having lived through unmedicated labor pain up through 10 cm - I personally am not sure any kind of breathing or positioning can help that!  It was quite awful...
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 2/14 // 16W 

    Baby is the size of a(n): Dill Pickle- I’m thinking one of those big theme park pickles? Not those  tiny sandwich slice, lol

    Team blue/pink/green: Blue 💙

    Upcoming Appointments: This Wednesday with my high risk doctor- I’m pretty excited to see what they say actually! Hopefully we get to see another ultrasound just because 😊 It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve since the baby.

    How are you feeling?: It seems like the nausea may be finally letting up- hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself. My hydration level is getting a little easier to maintain. Still tired and not really getting my preferred exercise, but at least I’m walking more everyday. 

    Rants/Raves: rant- I’m like you @emeraldisle17 just not as happy with my physique this pregnancy. This is round 3 for me, too- I was sooo good last time, but I’ve spent so much time sick this pregnancy that I just feel squishy 😝 rave- my husband and I have started talking about plans going forward and I think I’m finally prepping to commit to an ABSN nursing program. He’s been really supportive and I’m grateful for that.

    Questions: Any veteran moms feeling any “kicks” or flutters yet? It’s so hard to tell the difference between that and just gas bubbles, lol.

    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self? My younger self would be sooo surprised that I’m on to my third kid. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d have any kids, let alone three. I thought I’d be a terrible mom, but actually I think that’s become my defining role in life and maybe even what’s leading me to nursing as a career.

    Also, @seeds_of_joy I also endorse the Minimalist Baker- I love her site and I’ve followed her for years. One of my other favorites is Cookie and Kate- check her out, too! Similar site ❤️
  • @cpk3535 I love the few cookie and Kate recipes I've made! My favorite falafel recipe is from her blog and I've been making falafels a long time. I just recently discovered her baked version and now it's my go to. We should start a foodie thread with photos of our food and the recipes. 😜

    I've been feeling flutters for a few weeks on and off. Totally normal after a couple babies. Sometimes it is hard to tell if it's gas but there have been definite real flutters.
  • @seeds_of_joy @cpk3535 yes to feeling the kicks!  Especially this past week I can for sure differentiate the kicks vs. gas. The last couple days I've found myself thinking 'when was the last time I felt movement' which I know is wayyy too early for that.  But the daily kicks are certainly reassuring!
  • @cpk3535 I’ve been feeling the movement! Little popcorn pops. 

    @emeraldisle17 same on the movement 🤣 I know it’s too early for consistent movement but I also find reassurance in those little movements
  • @nwshay congratulations!!! 💙 Shopping time. 😁
  • @nwshay congrats! Same happened for us. I’m super excited about having a boy as well though. I’ve done a little shopping already for some clothes😍 
  • @nwshay Same for me, too! I’ve got two daughters worth of stuff- now my non-pink choices are looking smart, lol 😂 I thought it was really nice to hear boy mommies say that wiping a boy for diaper changes is a little less work, so I’m looking forward to that, too!!
  • @cpk3535 this is true 😆 when I had my daughter I wasn't sure how to go about getting it out of those delicate areas. It's been 10 years and now I get to figure it out all over again. At least I don't have to think about the C word. 😜
  • A little late at posting this week.
    EDD / Weeks + Days: February 8 / 17w + 1d
    Baby is the size of a(n): Pomegranate
    Team blue/pink/green: Blue 
    Upcoming Appointments: September 23 for my 20-week ultrasound scan 
    How are you feeling?: My breasts are so sore. They have been this entire time. I had no morning sickness during the first trimester, but I puke when I brush my teeth in the morning now. I'm still tired, and I have tailbone pain.
    Rants/Raves: My belly is starting to show, and I finally had to buy a few maternity clothing items. I had plans to go out for dinner last weekend for my birthday. I only leave the house to run errands or to work out. We stopped going out to eat due to COVID, and I work remotely. So, when I had to put on real clothes for my birthday date, I cried because nothing fit, and I thought I looked 'fat' not pregnant. I spent at least 30 minutes trying on all of my jeans, tops, etc. to try to find something to wear. Hopefully, I'll feel better when you can tell for sure that I'm pregnant.
    Questions: Is anyone traveling during their second trimester? I'm trying to figure out if I should have a baby moon, and fly to Hawaii (7 hour flight) this fall, or if I should wait until next fall, which means traveling with an 8 month old. I'm a bit bummed that I can't fly to see my parents for Christmas because I'll be past the 32 week mark. So, it would be fun to go on this vacation, which was loosely being planned prior to becoming pregnant. But, it could also be fun to wait until next year, but I do dread taking a baby on a plane and getting the looks of anger because of a crying baby (assuming the worst). 
    GTKY: What would your younger self be most surprised to learn about your "grown up" self? My younger self would be surprised to find out that I planned to get pregnant. I spent the last 6+ years seriously wondering whether or not I wanted children. Sometimes, I was a definite 'no'. Other times, I was 50/50 on the idea. I was never a 100% yes, but decided to give it a year and see what fate would decide for me.  :)  
  • @fertile-turtle, I have not had nitrous, but I'm considering it also. I'm terrified of getting an epidural, so I'm considering alternative pain medications. Plus, I really don't want to be confined to my bed the entire time and want to be able to walk around a bit.

    @ladykaty91, my husband and I have a long list of names that we like. We have a middle name picked out (family name). I have two favorites for the first name, but he hasn't picked his favorites yet. I have a feeling we'll have a few favorites to take to the hospital and will decide on one after the baby is born.
  • @karbaud I think travel is possible with either situation: 2nd trimester or with an 8 month old baby. If financially possible, I would say, do both! 😊 if not, which experience would be more valuable to you? 

    My husband and I are planning a babymoon in October to Vancouver Island, BC and I’m looking forward to a new adventure. Hawaii is such an amazing beautiful paradise. It will be a nice soothing reprieve and rest before third trimester starts for you!

    From what I gather and witness with my friends, traveling with an 8 month old infant seems to be a nice sweet spot to take advantage of. They are a little more sturdy growing out of the newborn phase but not too mobile. And you can help manage the ear pressure with chest feeding or bottle feeding for take offs and landings. I would feel more confident traveling with an 8 month old vs a 16th month old where later on their emotional and developmental needs might be more demanding and challenging.
  • @karbaud you might check with your doctors and the airlines, because I’ve been told 36 weeks is the limit for flying, depending of course on everything else being healthy and normal and no signs of preterm labor and all that. Granted, if you have other risk factors or you just aren’t comfortable flying, that’s ok, too. We’re playing our Christmas plans by ear this year, because we’ve got a 7 hour drive and it’s week 34-35, so if anything is even a little concerning, we’ll be staying home and missing out, too.
  • @fertile-turtle, I asked my doctor, and she said that she typically recommends not flying after 32-34 weeks, depending on the patient. For Christmas, my flight out would be at 33 weeks, and my flight home would be at 34 weeks.

    I thought I’d be better off driving the 23 hours, but she said definitely not! Lol. Apparently, I’d have to pull over every 2-3 hours to avoid blood clots. That would be a long trip.
  • @karbaud yeah, the 7 hour trip is as long as I’d be willing to drive because of the clotting risk, and I’m mostly only willing to do it because my grandparents are still alive but not doing well. The flight would only be 90 minutes, but then I’d have to commit ahead of time and I’m not super comfortable with that for the amount that we’d have to pay to both fly there.
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