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Overseas Travel after D&C

Hi all, I have a d&c booked for Thursday and am supposed to be travelling to Hawaii on Tuesday. I think going on the holiday would be the best for my mental health but wondering if people think this is too soon to travel?

I’ll re-assess closer to the time but I’m thinking that I should be fine to travel if I’m feeling up to it? Has anyone done anything similar?

Re: Overseas Travel after D&C

  • My only concern would be that you could still have bleeding. Mine lasted almost 2 full weeks (manageable with a pad, but pretty annoying). I also had a random day of extra cramps at 9 days post. 

  • oddyannoddyann member
    edited October 2022
    My pregnant wife was also afraid to make long trips for this reason. But he tried to convince her that everything would be fine. Especially since I read more information and found great flight options. Business class flights really turned out to be the best and everything went as successfully and well as possible.
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  • jessmilligannjessmilligann member
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    Most often I travel by car.
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