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6 weeks - experiencing bleeding/spotting for the second time

Hi there,

First time here but feeling rather desperate lately and hoping to possibly hear from others who may have had a similar experience.

I am now 6 weeks pregnant but started bleeding on Thursday of this past week. I would categorize it as spotting but of course was terrified. On Friday I went in for an ultrasound and everything looked great. We were able to get a heartbeat and our doctor said it was where it should be for 6 weeks. Unfortunately no explanation for the bleeding. Of course, I’ve been down a rabbit hole on the internet and read so many different explanations for this along with the most scary of explanations… the beginning of a MC. I went all day Saturday (yesterday) with no bleeding. Today around 4:30 pm I had shooting pain suddenly in my lower abdomen and felt nauseous. It felt more like when I get severely constipated and need to go. I sat on the toilet and worked through the nausea (never threw up) or went the bathroom but I did start bleeding again. The cramping lasted approximately 25 minutes but I’ve continued to spot of and off.

Of course, I’m terrified of the worst. I can’t tell if my anxiety has worked myself into a frenzy of feeling sick or if I actually am continuing to feel sick.

I’ll call my nurse tomorrow to follow up on what happened today and I have a follow up ultrasound Tuesday but am hoping to hear if anyone had this experience at all? Or did you have bleeding in your first trimester at all and did you ever have a cause?

Appreciate your support!
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