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OMG The Bump is Happening

🤰 I am 10weeks and officially past bloat to full baby bump! It's my first, anyone else feel a little freaked out by the baby bump?! My stomach looks like nothing it's ever looked like before and it's trippy to me that it's just going to keep going. Ahhh!
PS: I'm not upset or concerned but am tripping out 😂 anyone else?

Re: OMG The Bump is Happening

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    Totally understand! Just like I’m very aware of it. Getting dressed is weird and I’m afraid to bump it on anything and it’s still so small but it’s there!
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    I’m also ten weeks and starting to notice the bump too!!! My husband noticed it yesterday and was like WOAH, there it is!!! Been waiting weeks for this! 
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    9 weeks 5 days and I’m not even showing yet, but my clothes are getting very tight
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