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Glucose tolerance test instead of glucose screening test?

Hi everyone,

During my first pregnancy, I had a one-hour glucose screening test, which came back negative. This time, I'm seeing a different OB at a different practice, and she is sending me to get a two-hour glucose tolerance test, which requires fasting, instead of the one-hour test.  She told me, "we do the 2-hour test," which I took to mean that it's her standard practice to send all of her patients to do the 2-hour test, but I could have misinterpreted. I didn't think to ask at the time, but now I'm curious why she's sending me for the glucose tolerance test instead of the screening/challenge test.  I'm 32 years old and have an average BMI.  Did anyone's doctor do the same? I'm not really worried about it, so I don't want to message my doctor unnecessarily. I'm just curious. 

Re: Glucose tolerance test instead of glucose screening test?

  • I think this is what my doctor did for me too. I was required to fast, they took my blood first thing, and then i drank the sugar drink and they took blood again after 1 hour and then after 2 hours. And i failed it. But only my fasting number was 2 points over the limit. My numbers after the 1 and 2 hour blood draws were fine. So i am confused, but regardless my doctor has me finger pricking 4 times a day to check my levels. So far they’ve been good (i have been making sure to eat healthy) and if they’re out of range it’s usually by a point or 2. My thinking was my doc ordered this test bc it may be more accurate. I know so many people fail the original test and then have to get a second one. Maybe this test is more accurate? I plan to ask him when i go next week. I was in shock when he told me i have GD so my mind just went blank. Good luck to you!
  • I had it with my first and it wasn't fun. But my OB then missed it and I got it at 35 weeks. The first 1 hour I failed and then they made me take the second 2 hour and I failed so I also pricked 4 times a day while on a diet and I had to write it all down too. What I ate , what my sugar levels were it was exhausting. Alot of people don't eat a regular breakfast and have coffee or sugar in the morning which makes them fail.
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  • My midwifery’s standard practice is the two-hour. Doesn’t seem odd to me. 
  • Just did the 2 hour today, which is the norm in my clinic for everyone :)
  • What I’ve seen from friends it’s pretty normal. I got tested really early on at 12 weeks but I believe it’s because diabetes runs in my family. I failed both 1hr and 2hr. Sucks at first getting used to dietary changes and checking my glucose 4 times a day but eventually it becomes normal. Still annoying but oh well! anything for baby  :)
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