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Has anyone experienced brown bleeding during the second trimester?

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Hi everyone. I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby and during my 15th week I started bleeding bright red blood. I was both terrified and heartbroken because not only did I think I lost my baby, but it also took a lot for my husband and I to finally conceive. We eventually conceived with IVF. Going back to the story, we rushed to the hospital and they did an US and seen that the baby still had a heart beat. From that point we were told to follow up with my OB ASAP so they could further evaluate where the bleeding was coming from as my cervix was closed. I followed up with my OB the very next day (bleeding was getting lighter) who told me to "continue to monitor" and if the bleeding gets worse/ comes back to call right away. So a few days went by and the bleeding completely stopped. 2 weeks later I noticed brown blood whenever I would wipe myself. I immediately called my OB and they got me in right away. They referred me to see a MFM doc after not really knowing what was going on. The MFM doc did an US and told my husband and I that he strongly assumes that I have a marginal sinus tear within my placenta. He mentioned that this is a major blood vessel that is very sensitive and somehow it tore (this can happen as the uterus expands), hence the reason why I was having the bright red blood during my 15th week. He stated that it eventually stopped as it hemorrhaged and now it's expelling as brown blood. The doc also said that he doubts it's an abruption since I did not experience any abdominal trauma, have no medical history, and have not experienced any pain. He stated that the brown bleeding should go away in time but every time I see it I get so worried. Baby is completely healthy and the MFM doc suggests complete pelvic rest until this heals. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Re: Has anyone experienced brown bleeding during the second trimester?

  • I was diagnosed with placenta previa and have brown discharge/bleeding almost daily. Doctor said it’s normal for the previa even though it still worries me. Doctor said it probably wont go away unless the previa corrects itself. 
    Just know your body and stay in contact with your doctor. If you’re worried or uncomfortable it doesn’t hurt to check in. 
  • Sorry you’re going through this- beyond stressful. The fact you had ultrasounds is good because I imagine they’d have seen an abruption? Especially MFM. To my knowledge brown blood is (old) better than bright red so maybe your bleed is healing? I have a large Subchorionic Hematoma, which is different than your condition, but can cause bleeding so I am on pelvic rest as well. Good luck!
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  • Hi there - sorry that you all are going through this. I’ve been spotting intermittently over the last few weeks, mostly brown/rust color and <24 hours each of 3 times. This morning at 15w4d it was sudden, bright red and a lot more volume. It’s since tapered off to brown and just noticeable when wiping. It was terrifying but had an ultrasound this morning to confirm that the baby is ok. My doctor also has me resting and says we won’t be able to diagnose what’s going on until my 20-week scan … could be blood vessel / vascular issue or an issue with placenta. Very helpful to hear about your experiences. Wishing everyone the best and good health. 
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