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Weekly check-in 8/25

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Re: Weekly check-in 8/25

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 11/2, 30w2d


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: OB appt in a week. Moved to appts every 2 weeks now.

    How are you feeling?: Feeling pretty good. Definitely getting a little more waddle in my step and making a ton of late night bathroom trips.

    Rants/Raves: DW and I just got an invitation to our own baby shower that our friends are unexpectedly throwing for us. I am excited and touched.

    Questions: I don't have social media like FB (and am not interested in signing up for it). Is this forum going to turn into a ghost town now that there is a private group?
  • Hey @lgbtqmommy - same boat- no Facebook and won’t get one. Currently the private group is just here on the bump and it seems like there is slot more activity there. If you go into the private group and request to join the moderator will send a link
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