2nd Trimester

Burning sensation right in between ribs

Hi guys! This is my first pregnancy I’m currently 27 weeks. About two weeks ago I started getting a burning sensation that felt like it was on my skin but somehow went a little deeper than that. It’s mostly on my left side in between my breasts. It’s gotten more frequent but not really painful or uncomfortable. My ribs have expanded by like 3 bra bands so far and counting so I’m not sure if maybe that’s it 😅

Re: Burning sensation right in between ribs

  • Hahaha I feel you on the bra size expanding. At this point I mostly wear sport bras because otherwise I'm extremely uncomfortable. I haven't had the "burning" feeling though. Have you asked your doctor about this?
  • Haha no 😅 I just moved so I’m in between OBGYNs right now and I’ve tried to bring it up to other doctors but no one has really listened to me about it. 
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  • Could it be heartburn?  I had the worst heartburn while pregnant.  Hopefully you feel better soon and it isn't anything serious.  I would bring it up with your OB when you get a new one.  
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