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Halloween baby?

My due date is 2 Nov, but I’m kind of hoping he comes a little earlier, right around Halloween. Anyone else hoping for a Halloween babe? I think it would be such a fun birthday. 

Re: Halloween baby?

  • I'm also due on 11/2 and having baby on Halloween sounds like it could be fun for future birthdays indeed! DW and I already love Halloween and having our little one then would be great!
  • I'm due 11/5 and would absolutely love a little Halloween baby.
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  • I’m the opposite! Due Nov 5 and am praying that this baby is not born in October. Maybe it’s because I'm a teacher but I really dislike Halloween lol
  • growing up growing up we did not celebrate Halloween because my mom was 100% against it. But I wanted my first born on Halloween because it is an easy birthday party planning. And this one I am hoping today while at the Dr. He moves my c-section date up one week to the 31st. Our niece was born on the 31st and she would be so excited to have a baby for a birthday present. She will be 4 this year and can’t wait to see the baby. 
  • I’m due 11/17. If she came on her own on Halloween I would be super excited lol 
  • My best friend is a Halloween birthday- she loves Halloween but hates having her birthday on a holiday- people always seem to have plans so she doesn’t get to celebrate day of ever. Husband is also a holiday bday and not a fan. 
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    I'm due 11/16 and I hope they come not a second sooner. My H and I still have so much to do to become human parents! We have 18 years of stuff to rearrange in the house and create a nursery. I know this is out of my control but I hope they keep cooking in there until mid-November.  :)
  • I’m due November 7 and would love for baby to come a bit early to be a Halloween baby. My birthday is 10/17 and i always loved having my birthday right around Halloween!
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    I’m due November 21st. BUT I’ve already had several chunks of my mucus plug come out and baby girl is pushing so hard on my cervix it hurts. Guarantee I’m at least thinning and possibly dilating a little. Also my 3rd baby. Obviously I want her to cook as long as possible but I’m feeling she is going to make a sooner appearance than we are expecting lol. I hope everyone has smooth deliveries and healthy babies!!! 
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