TTC after 35

Doctor wrong about BFP. Crushing

Hey everyone. I am new here. We have male factor infertility issues and I am 36. We’ve been trying for 9 months. I went into my OBGYN due to some hormonal issues I’m having and while there she gave me a urine pregnancy test just to rule it out. She told me it was positive. I left in euphoria. I didn’t think it could happen. I went home right away to POAS to tell DH. it was negative. I became confused. How is it negative if it was just positive at the doctor? I called the doctors office to ask but no one called me back until the next afternoon (over 24 hrs) they said “it was positive and when we looked again it was negative” the lady on the phone had no other info. I hung up confused with no answers. Then I finally got my beta results. 0. No HCG. I am absolutely crushed and have been crying all afternoon. I lost something I never had. No one has called to offer an explanation or apologize for what they’ve done to my heart. Can’t decide if I should return….
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