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~*Announcing your Pregnancy*~


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  • @scaredunprepared definitely understand wanting to be sensitive. I have a few friends who have struggled and still struggle with fertility, I think if you try to hide things from them to consider their feelings it just feels like exclusion. 

    Life happens, fertility might not be your struggle but everyone struggles with something! You can be there for them and support them in many ways while also celebrating your growing family.
  • @scaredunprepared Your announcement is absolutely precious! It’s so fun to get your other kids involved! 
  • I echo your sentiment @acleverusername. We struggled with infertility, as well, and I have been blindsided by announcements. So much so that it can still trigger me. I have always really appreciated the people who have sent me a private text to say "I know this is hard news to receive, but I wanted to let you know it's coming". It really has made the blow just a little less painful. If nothing else, a TW on the post at least has allowed me to look if I'm feeling up for it, or not if I'm not. I agree that being left out because someone is trying to protect my feelings doesn't feel good either. And I get wanting to also be able to share your joy with other people too. There's a delicate balance somewhere in there between trying to manage people feelings and blindsiding with information that can be painful. I am forever grateful to the ones who have been able to show me compassion and thoughtfulness over the last couple of years. 
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    @acleverusername and @trubaby411 thank you both for the feedback!  I did tell people closer to me before posting on SM, so hopefully the blow was less sharp for those struggling. 

    @v_flowers thank you 😊 
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