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Does cade hudson as a name sound too close to Kate Hudson?

We love the name Cade Hudson and just recently realized it sounds so close to the actress Kate Hudson. Is everyone going to think of her when we say the name? Does everyone know Kate Hudson? I don’t think I’m gonna be able to not think of it now that I’ve noticed but there’s no other back ups that we are crazy about.
Would you keep the name or change the plan?

Re: Does cade hudson as a name sound too close to Kate Hudson?

  • If Hudson is the last name than yes, sounds super close. If it's the middle name then I don't think people would notice since people rarely use just the first and middle name together
  • I don’t think it’s an association I would have come up with in my own and it’s kind of a who cares association. It’s not like it’s a bad or weird association.


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  • Thank you!!! Cade Hudson Lucas. It will be the middle name. This feedback is a relief
  • I think it's fine if you're not planning to use the middle more as a double first name like always saying it out loud 
  • I personally think it’s really close and I wouldn’t be able to not hear it at Kate Hudson. 
  • I love it and I love Kate Hudson, but I think they are too close! :(
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