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How do you feel about the name Ewan?? My husband absolutely loves it, but I’m truly on the fence. It would be meaningful to him for a number of reasons, and I love seeing him finally get excited about a name. But…? Is it confusing to pronounce? Would our son get made fun of (“ewww”)?? Help! I don’t have any others I love so I’ve been tempted to go with my husband’s pick.

Re: Ewan

  • I don't love it cuz of the "ew" association and possible mispronunciations. But it works for Ewan McGregor!
  • m2am2a member
    I agree with the previous response. Maybe consider  Evan or Ivan. They kinda resemble.
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  • I like it and personally do not understand the concern of mispronunciation. I am an elementary school teacher and had a lovely Ewan in my class this past year. Good association (smart kid!) and absolutely no one would have made fun of him with the "eeew", never even crossed my mind.
  • I personally love the name!
  • Love it! It’s a quick one to correct if pronounced wrong. As far as teasing… probably. BUT kids tease over lots of things, even made up ones, and saying “ew” is pretty dumb so you can teach him a good comeback about their lack of intelligence with joke making lol. I wouldn’t worry about it… and I’m an elementary teacher with an easily made fun of last name which has led to lots of consideration for our kids’ first names. 
  • Totally adorable!! It’s one that is common enough that it wouldn’t be too hard to pronounce. I think of ewan McGregor too - obi wan is pretty cool for a little boy.
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