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So hard

Had my MC end of May and so far there have been 2 babies born into the family and a friend is due in December. My mum's 3rd year anniversary is round the corner and I just feel so overwhelmed with emotion with all these new babies trying to keep happy for them keep happy and positive for myself but OMG it is sooooo hard. Anyone else relate? 

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  • So sorry to hear about your miscarriage! I had my first one the beginning of June so I know how it feels. We just found out my boyfriends sister is pregnant so I can relate. It’s so hard to be happy for her when all I can think of is it should be me that is pregnant. Definitely takes a lot out of you physically and emotionally. It’s not that I’m NOT happy for her, I am but deep down inside it’s hard to acknowledge it and I just feel like everyone around me is either having babies or already has them.
  • Totally understand this feeling… so hard to see all the pregnancy announcements, births announcements, and milestone reminders. (Had my MC and D&C early July). 😔 That was supposed to be us. One thing that’s helpful to remind myself is that could be again… and that we don’t know their story. Some people have been trying for years, have had failed IVF cycles, losses, etc. it sucks, of course, but keeps me from spiraling. Sending lots of love 💕 
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  • I completely relate. It feels like everyone around me is announcing their own pregnancy, and it’s extra hard when it’s the same month I was expecting my own. 

    My first day back at work after my d and c, someone announced their pregnancy while standing right next to me…. I had to rush to the bathroom before I just started crying. It’s really hard. 
  • Am glad am not the only one who finds it tough ❤️ 
  • I was I was pregnant in September had a miscarriage in oct and I still haven’t been able to get pregnant it has been very difficult for me and everyone I see is having baby’s and I’m happy for them but  I just feel so lost😭
  • I’m going through the same right now. I had an early miscarriage in the beginning of March and just found out my sister who got married a month ago is already pregnant. I felt like my emotions had to be set aside for her wedding in April and now that she is pregnant it’s hard to not feel a little sad.

    She sent pictures of her first ultrasound on the family chat two weeks ago and I had to leave it cuz it hurt to see that after our miscarriage was confirmed at our first ultrasound which she knew about. I know she’s excited but it feels like she’s rubbing it in a little.

    I texted her to let her know I’m excited for her but that I’m still processing our loss and our mom has thrown out negativity towards me and has stopped communication with me because she feels that I’m being self centered. I don’t feel like it’s ok for me to feel upset and sad about our loss.
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    Am so sorry for your loss, I totally feel you it is the hardest thing ever! Be kind on yourself tho maybe speak with your mum? people who have never suffered a loss can find it hard to understand but no way should you be made to feel a certain way about this well done on reaching out to your sister she will hopefully really appreciate that. 

  • Just had our first miscarriage, it was horrible. I feel so stupid for telling people we were pregnant even though all the things say wait until 12 weeks. Sister-in-law is 6 months pregnant and my brother was so excited for us to be pregnant at the same time. Not going to happen now! It's so hard. All these babies around me that were successful their first try. We are two chemical pregnancies and one miscarriage in. I'm trying to grieve the one we just lost and others have moved on saying "the next one will work!". Lesson learned, not telling people until week 12 next time, if we get there.

    Glad this forum is here for me to tell my story. I'm sorry for all of you that have to deal with this too. We are not alone in this experience.
  • That's terrible. You are allowed to grieve for as long as you need to. I'm sorry they don't understand you can't be on the group chat.
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    Right there with you. I also miscarried at the end of May. I was supposed to be due in December… since my miscarriage 3 other friends have announced pregnancies with December due dates. I’m finding it very hard to watch them reach their milestones, while I’m not. I feel bad for not being able to be outright happy for them, but all I can do is compare what they have and I’m missing. This was going to be our 2nd. Im so so grateful to have my beautiful son. But a few weeks ago he met our friends newborn and he was SO excited and happy to see a baby, it made my heart ache wishing he was going to have a little brother or sister of his own.
    Hopefully soon. But can never replace the baby we lost. 💔
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