1st Trimester

Morning sickness that comes and goes

Anyone else experience morning sickness that comes and goes in a major way? Yesterday I was nauseous pretty much all day and got sick twice and today I feel totally fine. I also tried something new for breakfast so maybe that helped? I’ve been able to eat normal amounts all day with no issues. This happened earlier in the week too. Perhaps I should feel lucky for the “break,” but I’m 9 weeks - and have heard morning sickness peaks around this week and next, so I get a bit worried when I feel so much better for extended periods of time. 

Re: Morning sickness that comes and goes

  • As your placenta takes over around week 8/9 you might feel less sick- I always peak week 8.
  • Thanks @lilswed. I’m hoping that’s what’s going on with me during these extended moments of feeling better. Though, since I wrote the post just a few hours ago, I got sick again… Short-lived. :smile:
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  • Yes, I just experienced this too. I was feeling completely fine except for being tired until 8 weeks. Then yesterday I was in bed feeling super nauseous most of the day and ended up getting sick in the evening. Today I feel totally fine again.
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