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Need help with name suggestions

So I found out I’m having quads 2 weeks ago and I’ve been trying to brainstorm some names since now I have to name 4 instead of 1, obviously I don’t know the genders yet. So what are some of y’all’s favorite names

Re: Need help with name suggestions

  • What names do you like/dislike? There are a lot of names out there…
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    @meggyme I prefer gender neutral names and more southern sounding names
    These are the ones me and my fiancé have agreed on so far:
    Banks, Brooks, Bridger
    Dakota, Dallas, Denver
    Elliott, Ezra
    Flynn, Finley
    Jack, James, Jasper
    Lincoln, Logan
    Mason, Meredith, Montgomery
    Raleigh, Reign, Reese, River/Riven
    Sawyer, Sloan
    Theodore, Truett
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  • Are you planning to find out the sex of your babies? That might help reduce the number of names you need at least. There are definitely a few winners in that list. I will say that most of them lean masculine with a few exceptions.
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • Depends on the genders but I personally like the names to have some variety not repeating a lot of letters/sounds. From your for boys I like Theodore, Elliott, Jack, Noah, James, Ezra, and Jasper. For girls I like Violet, Reese, and Meredith. But for example I wouldn't use Elliott and I was using Violet because of the similar endings. 

    Penny (Penelope)
    Josie (Josephine or Jocelyn)

  • Some more "southern" names: Beau, Tucker, Caroline, Virginia, Georgia, Huck, Dale, Melanie, Andrew, Lee, Jackson, Mae, Hilly, Eugenia, Aibeleen...
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