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New - Starting IVF

Hi y’all! New here. We are doing IVF due to male factor infertility. I’m 29 and completely healthy so we have been told that we have very good odds of it working the first time around. We are so hopeful! I’m starting my hormone injections next week. We are really hoping for this to work on the first attempt. Tell me your success stories :) Can I be excited?

Re: New - Starting IVF

  • Most of folks here are in the process so you will not get success stories. There are other boards and ivf in general is good.

    With your age your prognosis should be very good but you should discuss your amh and other results with your doc to fine time your expectations.  Learn about the your options at each step but be prepared for few obstacles.

    I wish you the best, please feel free to post any specific  questions and concerns. First time is a the hardest because we think we can control everything.

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