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14week Ultrasound wrong?

Hi Everyone,
I'm 14 weeks 1d today. Im 37 so automatically everything I do seems to be high risk to doctors.
Yesterday i had to go to a high risk doctor for the first time. They did an ultrasound and my baby was not cooperating. It was upside down laying on its head, balled up, in the corner. Heartbeat was a strong 172 and sounded great. It was physically moving its hands, arms, and legs, but would not change position for the sonographer to get measurements she needed. She kept saying my baby was being a lil stubborn and being a lil stinker throughout the process (in a nice way). She tried for like 30 mins. She got what she could. I got up went to the bathroom, came back, and she said to lay down and lets try again. This is now try #2 at the ultrasound. Baby has not changed position at all. She tried to get what she could of measurements then went to present them to the dr. All of a sudden another sonographer lady comes in and tells me she is going to try. This is now try #3. Baby still not changing position. The dr comes in the room to watch this time. They all again say my baby is being difficult and a lil stinker (in a nice joking way). This sonographer clearly thought she was better than the other girl and got some measurements even though my child was upside down on its head in a ball in the corner. Anytime they tried to get close or poke at it, my child would move as to say they were bothering it. Lol Anyway after the 3rd try, the dr takes those measurements and plugs them in to the system. The sonographers leave the room and the dr proceeds to have a chat with me. She tells me that the femur and abdominal measurements were 10 and 7 days behind. She said that means that could indicate concerning abnormalities for my child. She then said my placenta look a lil larger today. She began to tell me about tripolidy that is fatal and telling me im within the 15 week window if i want to terminate.
#1 my child did not cooperate today and how do i know that your measurements are right?
#2 you have no definitive evidence that my child has or doesnt have anything so why would you tell me about terminating a child who we have no diagnosis or fatal evidence for?
#3 We still have to do a nipt genetic test to get answers. Which i did Yesterday and have to wait 2 weeks for results.
#4 Even if those came back with a bad result, we could still do the amniotic needle screening.
• Has anyone ever encountered a sonographer and dr like this?
• Has anyone ever receieved bad measurements from an ultrasound because their baby wasnt cooperating?
• Has anyone ever received news from an ultrasound and it have been wrong?
• Has anyone ever got bad results from an NIPT test and their baby came out perfectly normal?
Im really trying to hold myself together here. I have bad health anxiety and its 1 million times worse when its about my baby. Im trying to keep my head out of anxiety land, but this doctor and experience from yesterday has really rubbed me the wrong way. Im pissed.
Please help with any info that you can about your experiences.
Thank you,

Re: 14week Ultrasound wrong?

  • I personally haven't experienced this, but another poster was saying they were with the US tech for two hours at their 20 week anatomy scan because the baby was in a difficult position to measure. Did they schedule you for another US in the next week? If not, I would ask for one
  • Thank you for your reply. Yea i spoke with my normal OB and im going in to see her next friday to do a US with them since i know they do a great job. I told her that i never want to go back to that high risk office and she said okay. But she does want me to try a different high risk dr somewhere else that she worked closely with before. So now im just waiting and stressing until next friday to see if my baby will cooperate and give normal results. also now waiting 2 weeks for the NIPT genetic test results. My anxiety is through the roof. I feel a heavy cloud over me and my body feels weighed down with all this stress. 🤯
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  • Glad they're getting you in, but sorry you have to wait. Hopefully all is well!

    And if you used LabCorp for your NIPT testing, I suggest creating an account with them directly. I got my results faster since I got an email alert from LabCorp that my results were in and then the doctors office called with the results a few days later 
  • That sounds incredibly stressful, sorry you had to go through that. I had my anatomy scan last week and it took an hour because baby was in a bad position, and wouldn't move no matter what (bathroom break, jumping jacks, skipping around the parking lot), so that does happen. They also told us not to worry too much about the measurements. Some of ours were pretty low, like 15-20th percentile, but they said they don't really worry unless it's under 10, and it is harder when baby isn't cooperating. I hope you get your NIPT results soon! 
  • I personally wouldn't worry about things until the 20 week anatomy scan.  From what you describe there may be a lot of human error in those measurements.  

    Just my opinion.  

  • I’m sorry sorry to hear this. I hope everything worked out for you. I’m also older and considered high risk. My baby was stubborn at my 14 week scan. They just had me reschedule before jumping to conclusions. 
  • Yes- get a second ultrasound- that is crazy that they would jump to the conclusion without specific genetic results. I’m going back in for my 3rd anatomy scan because they couldn’t get pictures. 
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