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How to prepare a child for school?

Hi to everyone! I am a very young mother, and I haven’t yet had much experience at parenting ... So I am very worried, if something goes wrong, but I still want the best for my son.
So, soon my child will go to primary school, and I don’t know yet how best to prepare him for it? Before that, he was only homeschooled, and he hasn’t a lot of experience in dealing with other children, which I am very worried about! Should he have any preparatory courses? How much money is needed?

Re: How to prepare a child for school?

  • Hello! I don't know if my review will be helpful to you.
  • We are also the boy's parents. He is already 7 and we go to school. But getting ready for school was tough. We worked with him at home, took him to a developmental circle for children (to communicate with peers), took him to a tutor. Bought an educational kids and colorful laptop, printed activity sheets for preschool education here grandparents presented a table lotto with various words, they bought cards with letters. In general, we tried a lot of interesting things for kids. I think that one preschool will not be enough, involve grandparents (if they have time), take turns with your husband (at least 20 minutes of personal time) and everything will work out for you in the best way!!
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