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Weekly check-in week of 8/8

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Re: Weekly check-in week of 8/8

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: due Nov 21


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: repeat anatomy scan in 2 weeks

    How are you feeling?: Like shit… almost every I eat makes me nauseous… and every time I don’t eat, I’m nauseous. We want mor kids still but I don’t know that I can do pregnancies anymore. This is our 7th pregnancy and hopefully 3rd living child and they’re just SO hard on my body, even with zofran and unisom+B6 at night

    Rants/Raves: see above ^^^ lol

    Questions: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyu does my body hate pregnancy so much?!?!
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  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: Nov. 5 / 27w4d


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: Just had my GTT yesterday (still waiting for the results) and a growth scan because my fundal height was measuring ahead. Turns out, baby is definitely a big boy. He's measuring in the 90th percentile, so more growth scans ahead for us. 

    How are you feeling?: A little anxious now. With baby measuring big, I'm a little nervous for the GTT results. I know that can cause them to be bigger. I'm really hoping that's not it and he just hit an early growth spurt. DS was 8 1/2 lbs and 22 in long but also went to 41 weeks gestation.

    Rants/Raves: none 

    Questions: Anyone else have a baby measuring ahead?
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  • Update: Failed the 1hr GTT (again!). So I'll get to do another 3hr test. Hoping for similar results to the test I did in May.
  • @ashnicell good luck with the next test. I hear they're 'not a big deal' for the majority of women and there's no rhyme or reason why GD occurs. For some reason, I let myself get way too worked up for mine. I passed but looking back, I should've relaxed more about it. Things you learn as a FTM to-be... 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 27 weeks


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: End of the month

    How are you feeling?: Tired. So very tired all the time.

    Rants/Raves: I started drinking a gatorade a day and it's really helped a lot with my dizziness and feeling faint. I think my sodium was definitely low and the things I normally do for it in my diet weren't quite enough with the extra fluids you have in you when you're pregnant.

    Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: nov 17

    FTM/STM/TTM+: ftm

    Upcoming Appointments or Results: nothing for a few more weeks

    How are you feeling?: generally pretty good. I’ve been trying to exercise just a bit every day and it has helped my insomnia a lot. I do feel like I have a lot to do. Haven’t bought anything yet. 

    Rants/Raves: work has been unusually stressful lately. It gave me a migraine today and I couldn’t take my normal migraine meds. Trying to be more zen about things…the work i do is not actually high stakes it just artificially feels high stakes sometimes 

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 11/2, 28w1d


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: My OB scheduled another ultrasound in a week as a precaution to check on baby because I recently had covid. Also going into the every 2 week appt scheduling for third trimester 

    How are you feeling?: I still feel great. My back aches a little after working all day though 

    Rants/Raves: I've had to pick up a few more shifts at work. It seems like baby and maternity leave are just around the corner. I'm starting to feel more pressure to get things done around the house. I'm excited and a little apprehensive about an upcoming trip to see my family in the Midwest at 31w. It's getting more uncomfortable to sit in one place and it's a longer flight.

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: Nov 18. 26 weeks 1 day 


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: checkup on 8/22

    How are you feeling?: I’ve been feeling pretty good for the majority of this trimester. I’m so thankful that this pregnancy has gone relatively smooth. 

    Rants/Raves: I got back from vacation at the beginning of the month and it has been nice to get back into a routine, working out, eating better, etc. I’m also getting my nursery set up which was a prior stressor of mine. Overall things seem to lining up nicely lately. 

    Questions: My dad offered to purchase us a travel system (car seat and stroller combo).  I don’t want him to buy anything super outrageous. Does anyone have any suggestions? I live in a pretty rural area so I feel like I might need a stroller that the wheels can handle rough terrain. And I want a stroller that baby girl can grow into. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance. 
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