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Re: Weekly Randoms August 8th

  • Anybody heard from @LaceyBee522 lately? I hope all is well with her!
  • Another random- do people having boys usually get them circumcised? It wouldn’t be for religious reasons or anything. Thoughts? I’ve never had to consider this before! Lol
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  • @cpk3535 super controversial to the point that I don't want to even want to share what we decided. I don't have a strong opinion personally and I was always torn about this. I left the decision up to my husband and I'm glad we're having a girl this time so I don't even have to go there. :) 
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    P.s. I've had nurses that work with older people say that it's crucial for sanitary purposes and I've heard from others that it's not medically necessary and even barbaric. Like I said...I don't have a strong opinion. But if you do decide to do it, I highly recommend doing it around the 8th day. That may sound religious but there's actually science behind it. That's when the blood clots to an appropriate and safe level.
  • @cpk3535 I went back and forth and then left it up to my husband. People have very definite opinions about it. 

    My random is that my daughter who is almost 5 and still doesn’t know we’re having a baby helpfully told me last night “mommy your belly is so so big. You could have another child in there” 😆
  • @cpk3535 I didn’t realize circumcision is such a controversial topic. I respect people who do it for religious reason. If there aren’t any religious reasons, it appears that it will significantly reduce the risk of acquiring STI’s and HIV with heterosexual intercourse. (https://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/docs/factsheets/MC-for-HIV-Prevention-Fact-Sheet_508.pdf )

    I’ve witnessed a circumcision and I felt bad for the poor newborn infant. He was strapped down. No anesthesia was used and was given a pacifier laced with sugar to help distract him after the procedure was done. If I have a son, I don’t think I could put him through that. Circumcised or not, I would still tell my son to use a condom with his sexual partners to prevent STI’s, HIV, and pregnancy when he is of age to discuss about sexual activity. The procedure just looked so brutal and unnecessary if there isn’t a religious reason. 
  • Thanks for the input, gals ❤️😊 I’m probably leaving it up to my husband, too. But I know, I felt terrible last time when we were in the hospital with our second daughter and she only had to get a terrible California blood test on day 2 of her life. It seemed like torture and I was sobbing. Such a crazy thing to have to consider😢
  • @cpk3535 there is a great episode of the podcast Armchair Expert about this topic! Here is the link. It really helped my husband think more about it. 

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    @ttc3y that is the hospital's typical procedure. But there are doctors who will perform the circumcision with anesthesia and more carefully. It's slower but less like a paper puncher. Most first time parents or first time boy mom's don't realize they have the choice to put it off or find a different doctor who will do it the more gentle way. That includes me with so many things I wish I would have written off with my first baby.
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