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Middle Name Suggestions???

Does anybody have good middle name suggestions for Theodore??


  • Any family names to consider? We're using my grandpa's name for the middle name. 
  • We did the same with a family name - we’re having a girl and her name is Drew, so pretty unusual, but we incorporated my MIL’s maiden name to keep a family name in there. If we were to have a boy, we were going to use my FIL’s middle name for a middle name - mostly because my husband was horrified by the unique names I wanted to use so that was a way that we kept things “simple” enough for him! LOL. 
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  • We're also dong my late grandmother's name as the middle name.
  • All of my children are going to have family names as well. My son has my fathers name, my daughter has my husband's maternal grandmothers, and this baby will have his paternal grandmothers
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  • My middle name has been passed down for generations from the first born daughter to the first born daughter. Since this is my first and she is a girl her middle name will also be Mae. Growing up I didn’t hear too many people with that name or middle name. It seems to be much more common now. But I want to continue to pass it down especially considering my grandmother passed away before I found out I was pregnant and I want to make sure I pass it down for her. ❤️ If we were to have a boy I think we would have his middle name be Gregory after husbands father who has also passed or after my brother, Matthew, who I am really close with. I think middle names are a great way to honor our beloved family members. 
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    We are using Sue for our baby’s middle name. It is my husbands grandmothers name. They were best friends and she passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago 2 days before his birthday.  
    My sons middle name is Dale. It is a family name from his dads side of the family. But oddly enough my husbands middle name is dale, so is his brother, his dad, grandfather and a whole list including some of the girl cousins so kind neat even though he isn’t blood he fits in with the bonus family. 
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