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Twatwaffle Tuesday 8/9

Who/what makes the list today?

Re: Twatwaffle Tuesday 8/9

  • Me. I'm the twattwaffle today. 😭😭 

    I'm so hormonal and ragey today that I couldn't even homeschool my kids properly. Every little thing made me nearly spiral. Thank the Lord for Leap Frog videos and random chapter books my sister gave my bigs so I can at least say we did something today. 

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    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    @nopegoat this has been me for the past few days! There’s a small part of my brain that sees how ridiculous my reactions are but I feel like I can’t help it. Lots of apologies have been flowing to my kids… 
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  • My dog is the twatwaffle. So. Much. Energy. And she can’t go run in the yard bc landscapers are here fixing their work so instead she’s rowdy af around the house. Sending this gal to doggy daycare tomorrow for SURE. 
  • My insurance company is definitely a twatwaffle this week. They denied my long acting migraine medication (botox) because "it's not effective" for me. But without it I get migraine attacks that last for MONTHS. They also said I should have to try a new class of medication as a preventative (CGRPs) but I can't take that because it causes birth defects. Which is why I didn't start them when we were trying to conceive. 😑
  •  :#@novamama2023 how's your insurance out here knowing what "works" for you?! ugh, so frustrating.  
  • I'm just here to say the name of this thread is amazing. Thank you for the repeated laughter.  :D:D@marebear15
  • Corporate medicine is a twatwaffle. My company had to hire a “consultant” to determine if my outpatient office that we share with 7 other services is understaffed. Meanwhile we haven’t had enough staff to answer the phone for MONTHS. 

    @novamama2023 I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. One of my most fun duties at work is calling to yell at insurance companies. I hope it gets straightened out soon. 
  • I was definitely a twat waffle last night to my husband lol we’re in the process of looking to purchase a house and I was hella pissed he had the “audacity” (in my mind) to tell me what he would like in a new house because I’m a full time SAHM and am at the house more then he is lol absolutely ridiculous and I apologized before we went to bed but dang I was snarky lol 
  • nopegoatnopegoat member
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    I'm nominating my 7yr old. He took a very special bracelet outside several days ago when he knew he wasn't supposed to and lost it. Our mower is broken so we haven't mowed in a while and the grass is insane. We have two acres and he has no idea where he lost it, just that he lost it outside. Lord help me and him. 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @novamama2023 - Insurance companies are the worst. And their excuses are so lame! 

    @nopegoat - Maybe he would have fun with one of those metal detectors? 
  • Contractors. Contractors are twatwaffes. My apologies if any of you are, are married to, or have a loved one who is but like... do they all have a pact to be terrible communicators? Late? Or do I just keep getting shitty contractors? 

    1st: Landscapers were hired to do minimal landscaping + retaining wall extension + concrete pad by our backdoor. Two days of shit work and I finally complained; Owner came out and explained he'd subcontracted the two guys while his crew was on vacation. New guys came in and it's a total world of difference, I am now quite pleased but also... should not have had to deal with this. 

    2nd: Today we're to be getting our fence repaired from a huge storm we had about a month ago. Arranged my client meetings around the timing, was rushing around to drop off kid to be home in time to do the "yes, fix this" walk through ... which was to be an hour ago. They are not here. Client meetings begin in 5 minutes for the next 3 hours. WHERE ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU NOT COMMUNICATING YOUR LATENESS. 

    //end rant. 
  • @heytallmama - My hubby is a contractor, and he will end up getting jobs because the clients contacted 3 companies and he was the only one to show. Happens literally every week. I really don't understand how some of these companies stay in business.
  • @heytallmama - My hubby is a contractor, and he will end up getting jobs because the clients contacted 3 companies and he was the only one to show. Happens literally every week. I really don't understand how some of these companies stay in business.
    It's truly wild!  So glad you're hubby is one of the good ones ;) 
  • @heytallmama that's so frustrating. We own houses, fix them up and rent them out. We've delt with a lot of contractors. We had one that kept demanding to be paid daily for work he didn't finish, wanted to use our tools. Then he stole our tools, all the supplies we bought for the job and my house keys. Police report was filed and nothing was done past that. 
  • @heytallmama the amount of horror stories I've heard of bad contractors far outnumbers the positive stories I've heard. It's honestly crazy. Our friends just had to sue their first contractors for taking their money and then literally never doing anything. And they're still in business somehow!
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  • @heytallmama the lack of respect for time is so crazy. My parents recently moved to a beach town area and they sometimes cannot get a single person to show up for a job for literally months. And then unannounced that guy that they called three months ago to remove a stump will just be out there with an axe hacking it out with no notice or apology. It’s wild.
  • Oof. So sorry so many of you have had such awful contractor experiences! I feel like my woes pale in comparison compared to payment without work, stolen tools, and lawsuits! 😧 

    I will amend my aforementioned rant with the fact that all contractors have been worth the frustration with the quality work we now have to show for it, so all in all, I can simmer down now 🤭
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