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Weekly Randoms Week of 8/8

This is everyone’s warning that if I’m in charge of creating posts there will always be a cat GIF to accompany it. 

Re: Weekly Randoms Week of 8/8

  • So my son is sick. I have made up my mind that he will never again change daycares because this ALWAYS happens. 

    Also, after the bat shenanigans of last week, even though I know it is highly improbable, I have this anxiety about rabies. I should probably just go get the shots for peace of mind. The other mega unreasonable part of my brain is worried that my sons cold is rabies even though no bats were ever in his room. Can you tell I have anxiety? I think I need my med dosage increased 😅
  • @iiirene ugh I feel you on the constant sickness. My son started school in March and we were all sick for three months straight. Not looking forward till the upcoming school year for that reason (although I am looking forward to it because he loves school so much). 

    Also, you are definitely in charge of randoms now. Haven’t seen a cat gif I didn’t like.
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  • @iiirene As the fur mama of a tripod cat, I approve of the cat gifs lol
    Did you have the bat tested for rabies?
  • @iiirene thanks for starting this and the weekly check-in thread. 🙏🏻
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    07/21/20 | 1st RE appointment
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    12/20/2020 | Combo IUI (Clomid + Gonal-F) + Trigger | IUI Cancelled due to thin lining; TI only | BFN
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    02/06/2021 | Switched to a new RE (TEW) ; trying naturally until we complete additional testing 
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    09/23/2021 | IVF cycle #2 (mid-luteal start): 14 retrieved, 13 MII, 11 fert, 5 Day 5 & 6 blasts: 2 x 3AA, 2 x 3AB, 3BB; 2 euploid
    11/12/2021 | IVF cycle #3 (mid-luteal start): cancelled due to ovaries being on vacation
    12/20/2021 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC + Pregmune Immunology Testing; BFN
    01/22/2022 | Rest cycle / unmedicated TTC + understanding uncovered immunological issues; BFN
    02/18/2022 | Mock transfer cycle! ERA, ReceptivaDx, EMMA/ALICE; start Prednisone to address NK activity
    03/16/2022 | Final, "Hail Mary" super-ovulation + TI cycle before FET; BFP! EDD: 12/21/2022 | MMC 05/08/2022
    05/20/2022 | D&C; recovering... 
    06/21/2022 | Trying naturally until October 2022
    07/21/2022 | BFP! EDD 04/02/2023

  • @nsk489. No. Our first goal was to get the flying one out, which my husband did pretty quickly. We know exactly how long it was in our house and it didn’t bite or touch us. The other one was on the floor, it was never flying, so pretty sure we would have noticed it if we stepped on it or something. I think it’s pretty unlikely that either was rabid. They were just trying to get out of the attic and ended up accidentally in the house. I just have to keep replaying those facts in my head to remind myself that everything is ok
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    @iiirene I don’t blame you! I would try and get the bat(s) tested for rabies ASAP and if you can’t I would probably get the shots for peace of mind, honestly. The downside to a few unnecessary shots is significantly better than the downside to not getting them - especially when bites can go unnoticed. Ugh I’m so sorry you experienced that. How awful! 
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    My DD is home sick today too. She had a 102 fever yesterday and when I went to pick her up, her teacher said she knew something was off when she wasn’t eating her post nap snack (girlfriend has a healthy appetite and loves snacks 🤣). 

    A pediatric urgent care trip later and we find out she has an ear infection, despite ever once mentioning her ear hurt! When she was younger she frequently got ear infections but would pull at her ear or tell us they hurt but not this time. Waiting on PCR results as extra precaution so we are home snuggling today and thankfully I only have a couple meetings. 
  • My son has had a few ear infections, but never complained about them nor even pulled on them when he was too young to talk. I remember being surprised and sad each time, plus a little annoyed. Hope all heals quickly with no other complications. 

    I'm remembering all the ins and outs of the Bump, glad to be back on this journey. I pick the kids up from daycare/camp at 3, and don't want to tell them just yet, so I have to get my just-found-out giddiness under control. 
  • I got lots of parenting practice these past two weeks. I babysat my niece who is 3 months old last week, thankfully mostly while my son was at daycare. Today I am watching a friends kiddos while she is with her older two school shopping. I’m feeling super successful as I’ve gotten my 2.5 year old to nap the the littlest one (9 months old) to nap and the older one (3.5) is hanging with me while the others rest. 
  • Great job @iiirene 👏
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