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fitness, workouts, exercise

hi! what types of fitness, workouts, or exercise have you been doing or plan to do?

i’m 9 weeks & have been doing a cardio trampoline workout for years but my ob/gyn advises against it. i’ve gotten into reformer pilates but my place’s classes are always booked for weeks at a time, and i know there will be plenty of modifications later down the line. going to focus on low-intensity sculpt classes for now (whenever my energy comes back) until i find something i really like.

would love to know if anyone has any favorite routines, online classes, youtube channels, etc.!

Re: fitness, workouts, exercise

  • My partner and I are going to do weights. We just started back up a couple days ago. We had been pretty consistent and then fell off the wagon for about 4 weeks since finding out about the pregnancy and moving. Hoping to stay in better shape than I did my last pregnancy. 

  • I’ve started doing prenatal yoga with the app “Down Dog - Prenatal”. I’m about to run out of the free trial but I think I’ll pay for the year subscription ($60 for 12 months). They also have a monthly subscription option ($10/month). Down Dog has different apps, but the prenatal version is tailored to each trimester so you’ll do appropriate and safe poses. You can also choose from a bunch of different voices for the instructor, what you want to focus on (i.e. hip stretches, breathing, upper back), what level of yoga you want (beginner, beginner 2, and intermediate), and what music you want playing in the background (you can also choose no music but I love the ambient playlist I selected!) And you select how long you want your session that time to be and how long of a cool down period you want. I’ve been doing 15 minute sessions with 5 minute cool downs (so 20 minutes total) a few days each week. The sessions are very relaxing and I feel like I’m getting a work out. I’m always just getting to the point of being out of breath. My plan is to work up to longer sessions more frequently. I definitely recommend this app if you want to try out prenatal yoga!
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  • If you have Apple fitness, they have some pregnancy workouts. I’ve done them and like them. 
  • This is reminding me to cancel my climbing gym membership 😬
  • I’m going to get back into lifting weights/strength training. I saw the NP today and she was super chill about it. I wasn’t worried per se but it’s always good to have ‘approval’. My plan is to go to the Rec center when DS is in preschool 2 mornings a week. 
  • I have a personal trainer that specializes in pregnancy and PP. I've been working with her for almost a year. It's an online thing which is great. She makes up a program for the month and uploads it to the app. I follow along and take videos of myself doing exercises I want form checks on. I love it. Except I am struggling hard to keep up. I was getting up at 4am to workout before work. But that isn't sustainable anymore. H suggested I pick up D2 from DC later and do it after work. I tried that today and it was so much better. 
  • I work from home so I make sure to used my walking treadmill while I work. I am also on my peloton, my doctor told me to go crazy on it.
  • HASfit on YouTube has a ton of free workouts. It’s a husband and wife team and she is pregnant in a lot of the videos so the modifiers are already tailored to us mamas to be. ☺️
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