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My embryo transfer day is 08/31 and I have scheduled my first acupuncture appointment. I am very nervous about it.  I know I'm scheduling this a little late in the game but has acupuncture actually helped anyone? Please share experiences if you havetried acupuncture and if it has helped your IVF  or IUI journey.


  • @radiancety I don’t think you are starting acupuncture too late at all. You have nearly a month to prepare your body for the transfer and after. You’ll be fine. 

    Acupuncture was a huge corner stone to my fertility journey and I highly recommend it if you can get over the needle thing. It really doesn’t hurt that much. Once the needle is placed, it doesn’t hurt at all. If needed, you can move a bit too after it’s placed. The needles are flexible and will stay in place if you move. You won’t mess anything up. 

    I did acupuncture at least weekly as maintenance and then two times weekly a month leading up to the transfer. Acupuncture helped me stay calm during the whole process and particularly during the wait between the transfer and blood draw to confirm pregnancy. This June, I did a FET IVF transfer with the Paulus protocol where you do a pre and post acupuncture treatment on the day of the transfer. It was our first transfer and I’m happy to report that I’m still pregnant at 11 weeks and 3 days. I think acupuncture helped with us having a successful pregnancy. 

    I also recommend acupuncture going into the first trimester. It really helped keep my nausea at a minimum and manageable where I was rarely wretching in the bathroom and could continue to eat and at least maintain my weight. 

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing acupuncture. I wish you all the best on your fertility journey and sending you positive baby vibes! ❤️✨❤️
  • My doc said the same - nothing to lose. Even if it is placebo effect, talking to those informed accupuncture professionals is like mini therapy session with some relaxation. Yes money is concern but it is like small investment.
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  • @ttc3y OMG,Congrats on your pregnancy that is so exciting. My acupuncture is scheduled on Friday and she wants me to come weekly up until my transfer day.   If it's not to painful I will try to go twice a week. @atlgagrl I did hear the same thing, at the the very least it should help me relax. My anxiety levels have been through the roof during this whole process.
  • @radiancety @atlgagrl The Paulus Protocol actually has good science evidence based supporting IVF treatment and improving the chances of a successful pregnancy with transfer. It’s definitely more than just placebo. I’m glad you’ve made an appointment with an acupuncturist to support your fertility journey. ❤️
  • @ttc3y I'm not completely sure if I understand Paulus protocol, this may be my acupuncturist plan. I am unsure.  I know she wants me to come weekly up until transfer day, and right before we transfer and after. When I go on Friday we will have more of a discussion about it.  I am just praying for a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  • @radiancety How did your first acupuncture appointment go?
  • @ttc3y
    Omg, it was amazing.  She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  It wasn't painful at all. I actually fell asleep. So she looked at my tongue and told me I need to drink hot ginger tea every day. She also told me that I'm not getting enough sleep, which I already expected. I am a night shift nurse and I sleep horrible during the day.  She also wants me to drink hot fluids and eat warm foods. She says I do need to warm up my body. She also but these little beads in my ear that she wants me to press at least 3 times a day. It should help with anxiety. I wish I would have started sooner. I will see her twice a week leading up to my transfer day.
  • @radiancety I’m so glad you had a positive experience! Creating a warm womb is definitely part of traditional Chinese medicine. Did she recommend wearing slippers to keep you warm too? I discovered that not wearing slippers at home made a difference. Our home has a lot of tile and not as much carpeting, so wearing slippers helped keep my body and womb warm as well. 
  • @ttc3y She told me to keep socks on at all times. My whole downstairs is only tiles, so I will get slippers as well.
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