AFC Declining; Anyone rebounded?

I'm 38 with DOR (AMH around 1.5). We started seeing a fertility specialist after about 6 months of TTC given those facts. The first couple of months he put me on Clomid, and my counts were 8,10,13. After a couple of cycles of that not working, he advised we switch to IVF. However, since we switched, my AFC has been 6,5,4,3. We finally went ahead on the cycle with 4, but only got two abnormal eggs from it. Has anyone had these numbers rebound? I don't want to go through cycle after cycle of getting 1 or 2 when I know we had better numbers 4 months ago.

Re: AFC Declining; Anyone rebounded?

  • What-if regrets are the hardest - please remember that you made a decision based on the facts at that time. If those cycles worked, you would not even need ivf.
    It is just super bad luck and I hope it will turn around. Talk to your doc about ways for improving numbers.

    I am not sure if it is scientific but results vary between cycles.  I would recommend focussing on diet, supplements like Coq10 and trying again after 2-3 months.
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