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Awkwardness & New Arrivals

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Re: Awkwardness & New Arrivals

  • Hi I see you just joined. Welcome, and I hope you stick around and aren’t just using us as a on off answering service for your one question. We are a supportive community who plan to stick it through the pregnancy together. 

    As for your question, it doesn’t sound like you and your partner have been together long or live together if you are just finding out these things and noticing his awkward behavior. You need to sit down and have a serious conversation as soon as possible about what each of you expect going forward with having a child together (and make sure that’s what he wants as well if you haven’t already), including parenting roles and division of labor. Maybe he will surprise you and this will turn out better…or history may repeat itself. You owe it to yourself to hammer out the details as best you can now. 
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    Thanks for the warm welcome message… I can do without the assumptions and judgement.
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  • There is no judgment, we simply ask that people don't post one-off questions, which is stated in the board organization thread at the top. We are trying to build a community and one-offs clog the board. This is a great group, but may not be the best fit for you. If that is the case, good luck and I hope you find a community that does fit. 
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