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My husband and I have finally settled on Olivia for our little girl, but I am struggling with middle names. He thinks middle names are "throw away names" so he really doesn't have any input and is fine with whatever I want, but that feels like so much pressure haha. We aren't telling anyone what we're having so also can't run names by people around me!

We don't have any familial names we'd like to pass down, and I think I am liking one syllable names since Olivia is so flowy.
So far, I've liked:
Olivia Paige
Olivia Lane
If you have any input, I would greatly appreciate it!

And also please someone tell me Olivia is not too common a name. I know it seems to be top everywhere but I have never met anyone named Olivia/ have named their child that, but I don't want her cured with being "Olivia __" for the rest of her life 

Re: Middle Name help

  • Olivia Paige is very cute! I only know a couple of Olivias IRL and my first instinct is Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU. According to the Social Security Administration, the name Olivia has been in the top 5 for baby girl names since 2008, so my guess is there will probably be another Olivia either in her class or at the school. However, in looking at the stats for the year I was born, Jessica was the most popular baby girl name and no one in my grade had it, so you never really know
  • Olivia is consistently ranked as popular but I feel like I've had way more high school student Olivia's versus little kids I know named Olivia. It's a pretty and classic name. Olivia Page is a nice pairing. I don't like Olivia Lane. Others you might like for short middle names 

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  • Very true, thank you!!
  • @mb0112 those are all great, thank you! And that's what I was thinking, I like that it's just classic
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