3rd Trimester

No more big kicks

Hello. I have an anterior placenta, so that delayed feeling movements. But once I did consistently (maybe 22 weeks?), it seemed to be a non-issue. But starting at 29 weeks, I felt a decrease in movements. I even went to L&D for monitoring, and everything was perfectly fine. I'm still feeling the same way--some flutters and rolls, no big kicks. What's driving me crazy is that the kicks are the missing piece to my belly mapping! I am very confident about the back location (hiccups and heartbeat are in left groin, very low). There is a large lump just above my belly button, sometimes a few cm to the left, but pretty much center. I'm unsure if this is head or butt. I feel little flutters across my pelvis (low). That's it. If only I would feel big kicks in my upper right, I would be pretty confident the baby is head down. But I don't! So I'm going crazy wondering if the center lump is head or bottom. Unfortunately, all U/S have shown breech or transverse, I believe even when I've felt this same lump, but I'm not 100% sure it was the same. Any ideas?

I have an appt in 1 week at 32 weeks, but they don't do U/S. OB has been unable to tell position by feeling, which is also super frustrating. I'm going to push for a quick U/S, but I don't know if they will..

Re: No more big kicks

  • I wouldn’t really worry about baby’s position until like 36 weeks. At my 36 week growth scan they showed baby is head down but literally balled up with its foot on its forehead lol so not gonna feel kicks in my upper stomach area. I also have anterior placenta. Now I’m 39 weeks and the feelings are more like waves / rolls less isolated kicks. 
  • Sorry, but just because you feel "big kicks" doesn't mean that baby is where you think it is.  I remember going in once thinking I felt the head.  Nope, it was the rump of my kiddo. She definately could punch! 

    If your doctor can not tell position there is no way we can over the internet.  It is not something to worry about until later.  Even if baby were to be heads down right now baby can flip by tomorrow evening.  

    Please stop worrying and if there are concerns from your medical team, they will get an ultrasound.  Until then be glad you are not getting kicked in the diaphragm- yet! 

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