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No symptoms - Paranoia at it’s finest

So I’m 7w1d and I have very few symptoms. At the beginning my boobs were sore and the bloating was off the charts. I have been more tired, but I also cut my caffeine intake when I found out I was pregnant so it could be due to that and not getting as much sleep at night (I stopped taking my melatonin too so insomnia is crazy). Now my boobs are barely sore, and I really have no other symptoms. Maybe I should be happy about it, but I can’t help but freak out. 

I am so paranoid that when I go in for my first US on 8/17 there won’t be a baby in there and I’m thinking the worst.  

Should I be concerned about the lack of symptoms? I haven’t had any bleeding, spotting or cramping…..
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Re: No symptoms - Paranoia at it’s finest

  • I also have few symptoms (I’m 8w3d), and the ones I do have come and go. I just had a check up on Thursday and everything is fine. Baby is growing well, and has a steady heartbeat. Try to relax and get some rest, and I’m sure your ultrasound will
    be fine. I keep waiting for horrible morning sickness and it never comes. We’re the lucky ones, I guess. ☺️
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  • I’m in the same boat. Sore boobs in the morning some days but that’s honestly been pretty much it for the last few weeks. Cramping, bloating, and exhaustion all went away a couple of weeks ago. I’m close to about 8 weeks now. I haven’t had any morning sickness at all (I checked with my mom and cousins and apparently no one in my family has morning sickness so I’m trying to see it as a good/lucky sign and not a bad one).  
  • Fatigue is by far my most noticeable and consistent symptom. I've taken at least one nap every day practically since I ovulated. My current record is 4 naps in one day. Not everyone gets nausea (my best friend said she never had it with either of her kids), but I've been having it inconsistently. Some days it's fine and some is awful. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And, for what it's worth, my boobs aren't really sore but I've gone up a full cup size already and only noticed because my husband said they looked bigger on the same day i was annoyed by my bra not fitting-- just because we don't feel it doesn't mean things aren't happening! Enjoy this time of feeling good. 🤗
  • I’m in the same boat! I’m hyper aware of what’s going on with my body normally so I think I’m overthinking every little thing. I actually had no morning sickness at all with my first pregnancy and am having some sporadic nausea/food aversions with this one. Some days I feel okay though so it just depends on the day. My boobs were really sore the first week or so but now not so much. My husband thinks I’m crazy for wanting pregnancy symptoms lol 😊
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    I relate so much to this. This will be pregnancy number 3 for me and the vast difference between the pregnancies has been astounding. With my daughter I had to have multiple IV rehydrations and lived on zofran for vomiting and even that just took the edge off. I ended up weighing less after having her than before conceiving. With my son I was sick at 7 weeks on the dot requiring more meds. Now at 7w4d I feel absolutely nothing. I finally caved and called OB. Saw a flickering heartbeat on US and HCG levels are where they should be.
    If you’re still worried call in! Even just for some piece of mind. Your doctor is there to alleviate any fears, and if they aren’t you need a new doc.
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