2nd Trimester

Marginal cord insertion with posterior placenta?

They found out I have marginal cord insertion ( not central like it should be) at my anatomy scan. Everything else was measuring great for the baby and doctor didn't have me worried about it. Anyone else with similar experience? I'm afraid if baby will be supplied all the time with the nutrients needed since the cord is attached in the edge of placenta.

Re: Marginal cord insertion with posterior placenta?

  • I have the same thing! We found out July 29th. We are planning on seeing a maternal-fetal specialist and will have more ultrasounds with our regular OB just to make sure baby is growing on track. 
  • Did your OB say anything worrying about it? Are we considered high risk pregnancy?
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  • I have the same thing and my doctor's were not concerned about it. We did schedule an extra ultrasound to monitor his growth but they said studies are now showing this isn't really a concern. My baby was in the 82nd percentile for weight at 20 weeks so I think he's growing just fine.
  • I have marginal cord insertion and my midwife is not concerned. My baby is measuring big for how far along I am and is doing great. I also have hypothyroidism that I just found out about after finding out I was pregnant. My level was 106, now it’s down to 1.8 after taking medicine. I get ultrasounds every 4 weeks to monitor growth. My biggest concern is that he will be a huge baby! He’s moving a lot and seems to be thriving. Im sure your baby will be alright if your doctor isn’t worried. I wouldn’t worry about it! Stress and worry only take away from today. You can’t control what happens so just enjoy this time! It will help the baby tremendously! 
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