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Need Ease of Mind


This past May I had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks where my baby stopped growing at 7 weeks and had no heartbeat. My husband and I are pregnant again (yay!) but the nerves are real. We went for our first ultrasound at 7 weeks again and there was a beautiful heartbeat at 147bpm and growing perfectly! Our next ultrasound I will be 10 weeks. However, my symptoms are starting to ease at 8 weeks and now I am nervous something  is wrong. I know once a heartbeat is identified that the percentage of miscarriage goes down but I cannot help that every symptom that eases I think the worst. 

Just looking if anyone has experienced something similar and all went well? 

Re: Need Ease of Mind

  • I have never been pregnant before but I am currently 7w1d and my story is similar to yours. Most of my symptoms that I had are way less or gone. I haven’t had an US yet so I don’t know if my baby even has a heartbeat or not. Just wanted to say you aren’t alone in your feelings!!! Praying all goes well for you!!!
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  • Sending all my prayers your way!! 💗
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    Same here! This is my second pregnancy that this has happened and it’s been boys both times! My daughter I was so sick my first tri all the way through! No symptoms doesn’t always mean something negative but also as a loss mama it can be very nerve wracking! Ten weeks today and haven’t had my first appointment yet to hear heart beat either. Fingers crossed with you both!
  • I totally hear you! I had a miscarriage in April and am now 7 weeks 3 days. Some of my symptoms have subsided and I’ve been on edge. Unfortunately I won’t have my first u/s until August 18 (right at 8 weeks). I keep reminding myself I’m farther along now then I was last time (I started spotting late in the fifth week with progressively worse bleeding). But of course I can’t help but panic every time I go to the bathroom to make sure everything is okay. It’s so hard but I also want to stay positive because I know the odds of miscarrying twice are relatively low! We’ll through it! If you saw the heartbeat that’s amazing and already way better than last time!
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