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NIPT Test Question

How long does it take to get back blood work results?

Re: NIPT Test Question

  • Mine took 7 days, but I also called them to find out. My hospital/OB has a patient portal, but they said the results aren’t automatically uploaded in case something’s wrong. So I just called them and they had the results and sent them to me an hour later
  • I did my test took 9 days to receive the results back, but it was on my health online profile and not one the Natera website. Did my test on the 14th and had the results on the 23!! 🤩
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  • I just did my NIPT test last Friday. I was told 14 days for the results. I think it depends on the lab you use. My Midwife used a company called Unity. 
  • I did mine 7/28 through Natera and haven’t gotten the results yet. They told me it’s usually a minimum of 10-14 business days. 

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  • Mine was through LabCorp, and they said 1-2 weeks. The nurse called at 1 week on the dot, but my midwife didn’t upload the results for another week. I think I could have accessed them earlier through the LabCorp website though.
  • Mine took 7 days also
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