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Twin girls - HELP

Our first daughter’s name is Emersyn Sophia (Emmy) and we have twin girls on the way.

We love Rowan Everly (Rosie) but having a hard time coming up with a second name for our little jellybean.

I would love the name to be the same as her sisters and have a nickname that has the “e” sound at the end too.

So difficult. Please help.

Re: Twin girls - HELP

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    I'm not sure what you mean by wanting the name to be "the same as her sisters". Something that sounds similar? Has the same meaning? Rhymes?

    You could do Ronan, which has a similar beginning and ending, nickname Roni (or Ronnie). It's technically a boy's name, but so is Rowan, and I'm sure both can work for girls.

    If you want a similar meaning (red), you could do Ruby, Garnet (nickname Nettie?), or Sienna (nickname Sie/see).

    If you want rhyming, Cowan/Cowen (nickname Winnie).

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    Effie, Hesper 'Hessie', Lucille 'Lucy', Harriet 'Hattie', Ruby, Minnie, Penelope 'Nellie' 
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    Lydia "Liddie"
    Francesca "Frannie"/"Frankie"
    Jacqueline "Jackie"

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    Lillian - Lily
    margaret - Molly 

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    Gwendolyn “Gwen” 
    Evelyn “Evie”

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    My first suggestion is Ruby and I think it suits well.

    But if you need one more from me, then it's the name Juliet and you can Julie.

    Emmi - Rosie - Julie
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