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HCG levels 2 weeks apart

I'm new here.
This is my 5th pregnancy, but I have 3 little ones at home.

This pregnancy started off weird. I had taken 7 home tests and all were positive, including a clear blue weeks indicator (which I have never gotten), but got two negative urine tests at my Dr's office. He sent me for blood work anyways.

So on July 19th my HCG was 96.
July 21st it was 302.

He sent me for the first prenatal screening blood work yesterday and I just got my HCG results from that.


That seems low from where it should be.
My estimated due dated based on my lmp is March 28th so I'd be about 6 weeks.

I'm just nervous. The miscarriage I did have my levels were rising and I was in and out of the hospital for 2 weeks, but I also had bleeding.

I haven't had any bleeding, or bad cramps. Just uncomfortable.

Anyone experience anything similar?
I am supposed to book an ultrasound next week.
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