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I never thought I would be in the “1 in 8” category but here we are. We were just recently diagnosed with male factor infertility and my hubby is currently undergoing testing to see whether or not we will qualify for IUI vs. IVF. We did find out that if we were going to go the IVF route, our insurance does cover it! Which is huuuuuge. I’m just hoping someone can share a success story or some tips on how to cope with the stress of it all. I’m lost…

Re: Newbie on board

  • Think about one step at a time. IUI is relatively simple. You can ask your doc about how successful it might be (solves some MFI issues but may still be low chance).
    If there are no egg issues, IVF should have excellent chance if they are able to find few good sperm. 

    Without knowing much about  age and medical history it is hard to say but it sounds like you have two good options and with insurance you have a path forward.
  • I have a feeling that we will go the IVF route as more of a success rate and being almost 35/no issues on my end, it might be our best option
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