Ignoring lead follicle on second egg retrival

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Hello! My husband and l are going through IVF. We are doing two retrievals. For the first round we did 300 of Follistim and 150 Menopur. We also did Ganirelix and our trigger injections when it was time. We retrieved 9 eggs, 8 mature, 6 fertilized, and two frozen. We will get testing done after second retrieval. 
This retrieval we are doing the same Follistim and Menopur, and the doctor added 24 units of omnitrope. This is CD 8 and l have 12.5, 11, 9, 9.5, 9, 8, and a big 17.5
My doctor said she could go either way, ignoring the large follicle and continuing on or stopping the cycle. She mentioned if money wasn’t an option, she would say cancel the cycle, but is ok with continuing. Financially, we can’t afford to stop this cycle. Our insurance has covered none of our IVF medications and the procedure. We are opting to continue on. We could really use some success stories from anyone who has gone through this same thing and some good thoughts! Thank you!

Re: Ignoring lead follicle on second egg retrival

  • My advice is to ignore money and work with your doc. You can try to earn money later in life. 
    Talking of money, you would lose money spent on meds but not money for retrieval. May be you will get better outcome next cycle and money spent on retrieval and embryology is better spent on next cycle.
  • Update! We decided to move forward, despite the large follicle. At the next ultrasound visit, the large follicle had shrunk a bit and several others caught up! We did our retrieval today. We got 13 eggs from the left ovary, but my darn right ovary would not cooperate. It kept moving, despite all efforts to hold it in place. The doctor worked so hard, but decided to stop to not risk injury to me. I’m bummed about not retrieving those eggs, because l know there was a handful of mature follicles. But, we’re trusting that everything is working out the way it is suppose to! Let me know if this has happened to anyone else!
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  • I am glad you moved forward. You have the right attitude of looking forward and trusting your doc and yourself.
    Are you going with freeze all cycle?
  • Thank you! 
    We got the call today that 12 of 13 eggs were mature, and 8 fertilized. We will get a call on Wednesday to see how many embryos survived. Cells were taken from our two surviving embryos from our July retrieval and sent to RGI for testing. Once we know how many of our fertilized embryos make it to Wednesday, cells will be taken and sent to RGI also. Then the embryos will be frozen. Once all the cells are received, they will all be tested. Then we go from there! I’m 41 and my husband is 42, so we are considered “advanced maternal age”😂
  • I hope you get enough normal and get past this difficult process. FET is much easier physically but very tough emotionally especially with fewer embryos.

    Prepare yourself for various possibilities on PGT results and discuss the plan with your doc.
    Sometime they assume what you want.

    Meanwhile take care of yourself physically and emotionally.  I wholeheartedly wish things will be smooth for you. 
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