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Back to work after 4 weeks...

Hey Mommas! I have to return back to work with only 4 approved weeks for leave from my job. Any other mother go through this and how did you come to terms with it? 

(my company is less than 50 people and does not qualify for FMLA coverage, therefor I am not covered) 

Re: Back to work after 4 weeks...

  • Is it your workplace requiring this? Can you get a doctor's note indicating that you need 6 weeks as that's the length of the early postpartum period of risk of complications or infections? 4 weeks is insane.

  • Check if your state has any required leaves. Some of them have their own leave program to cover smaller companies.  Leaves for maternity and/or recovery
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  • Yes, they are requiring I return to work if I want to keep my position. I was astonished that I didnt really know what to ask them. I can look into the doctors note for the last two weeks. I even have a 7 minute walk to and from my works parking garage and building everyday, in addition to a 1 year old. Its going to be so much to not be healed properly. 
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