Hey everyone. We are on our first and hopefully only  IVF Cycle.  We only have one normal girl embryo and it is graded at a 5AB. It looks like we should be transferring the last week of August and I am super nervous.  How is everyone else doing?

Re: AUGUST 2022 FET's

  • Wish you the best. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst knowing there is nothing anyone can do.

    Focus on getting ready but do not think about it every hour. Write down few checklist you will do each day like taking prenatal, drink water and check them off. These small wins will give you focussed and will avoid you thinking what else can I do.

    Vitamins, lowering caffeine, drinking water are recommended. 
    Some do Accupuncture as well.

  • @radiancety A 5AB embryo is a good rating and so promising! I wish you the very best! Sending you positive baby vibes! ✨✨✨ 
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    Wish you the best
  • Thanks everyone. I'm trying to stay positive through out this journey. Ivf is a Rollercoaster no one really wanted to get on. A checklist is a great idea and I'm looking into acupuncture but it makes me nervous.
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