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How are we feeling now that we're in the home stretch, mamas?


Re: August Symptoms

  • Panicked. Covid set us back three weeks we didn't have to spare and now I have Covid pneumonia. My friend thought it would be helpful to tell me about all the people she knows that died or nearly died from it so I'm having nightmares about dying and leaving my husband and kids alone. 
  • @krysnicole1022 I know many people who have had covid pneumonia and are a-okay now. Brutal to deal with while you have it because it's so exhausting and uncomfortable, but most get through it. Sorry you're dealing with that, mama 💕
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  • rcgwrcgw member
    2nd ear infection in 3 months in the same ear. Ugh. I'm more susceptible to them in general but I can't take my normal meds or even ibuprofen to help. It's annoying...and the new ear drops I got today were stupid expensive. It's not the end of the world and it'll be fine in a week but I'm so annoyed it's happening again and again. Weird symptom....
  • @rcgw I haven't had one in ages but I used to get ear infections a ton as a kid and swimmer's ear a lot as a teenager because I have small eustacian tubes. Even just reading your post I got a taste memory for the banana-flavoured medicine they'd give me. Hope it clears soon 💕
  • Mild anemia, so taking an iron supplement now. Definitely having BH daily, which is interesting. Feeling a bit more exhaustion than 2nd trimester, needing more naps. Is nesting a symptom? Because I am nesting like crazy lol
  • @silverholly8 Nesting is totally a symptom and really kicks into gear in third trimester. BH everyday for me too.
  • The nesting/needing to check everything off my todo list is out of control.  And I want to kill everyone  :D
  • I’m exhausted. I sleep through the night like a brick without the Unisom and ear plugs I used to use. Also very weak because of the GD, the diet gives me no energy at all and my legs just feel like jello. 
  • ferret22ferret22 member
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    Still nauseous! Woo! I appear to be one of those unlucky ladies who will be sick until I give birth. I miss real food, I'm so sick of my meal replacement shakes. 😭

    My hip / back / pelvis pains got a bit better this week, lots of walking and physical therapy exercises seem to be helping to keep it in check.

    Emotionally I'm definitely getting more anxious and stressed. I haven't found a new job yet and am starting to feel a little panicky the closer I get to my due date. I've got a therapist, but there's only so much we can do to try and manage the stressors.

    Hang in there everybody! I feel like October will be here before I know it. 
  • My desire to nest is kicking in but the baby's room isn't anywhere close to ready and I really can't do anything. My husband said I shouldn't worry too much because we spend the first month in the baby suite anyway. Our basement has a queen bed, TV, big comfy couch, bathroom, and mini fridge etc so I put a bassinet down there with me and I sleep down there with the baby. He set it up for me for baby 3. I can wash some baby clothes but I'm itching to get the crib put together just to have it. We need the walls done first, then paint, and then flooring. 
  • BH have definitely been increasing. Also, getting you more during the night to pee. 
    TTC History
    Me: 35 DH: 34
    Married 07/2012
    DD born 07/2014
    DD2 born 10/2018
    DS born 10/2022

    IF history:
    TTC #2 since January 2016
    June-Aug 2017: 3 IUIs w/Clomid = BFN
    Sept 2017: Dx w/Endometriosis
    Oct 2017: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN
    Nov 2017: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN
    Dec 2017: pre-IVF testing
    Jan-Feb 2018: IVF--17 eggs retrieved, 13 fertilized, 9 frozen and 1 transferred on 2/10 = BFP on 2/19!!! EDD 10/29/2018
    FET Oct 2021: BFP on 10/31! MC at 5 weeks
    FET Feb 2022: BFP on 2/15! EDD 10/29/22

  • Nesting is manifesting for me as a strong desire to PURGE so many unused things. The clutter is so much more noticeable and stressful for me right now

    Also, I am starting to waddle once it hits 7pm. My back is killer some days. 
  • I tore out all the carpet from the baby's future room and I ordered the wallpaper. I cannot wait for the wall to get filled in so I can start painting. I haven't found curtain yet but I did find shades for his room (east west facing house that absolutely requires shades and blackout curtains).
    I tried booking my c section and was told my doctor is on vacation from week 39-40. I was then informed that I not only needed to pick a new doctor but that my c section is high risk because it's the fourth so they need to have two doctors present. I told them I won't be picking a new doctor because if I had liked any of the other ones I would have gone with them. If I go into labor I know it's just luck of the draw but with a planned c section the benefit is having my doctor do it. So now they have to figure it out if they want me to have this high risk baby before 41 weeks. 
  • @krysnicole1022 why are they hesitant to go early? I was hoping my high risk would allow me to schedule my C-section early. 
  • @relizabethp I won't have the baby early. I have literally zero desire to have this baby before 40 weeks. My c section is planned for 39 weeks and 6 days. This is a me thing. I just like going as long as possible before the chaos starts. 
    They typically don't do early (before 39 weeks)  unless there is a medical reason. If you have a medical reason that requires an early delivery then I don't see why you can't get it scheduled. 
  • I have developed melasma on my lower back! I was afraid until I learned more about this alleged mask of pregnancy. I thought it was only your face that got it, apparently not. It looks strange but nothing hurts/etc. It looks, like, splotchy? It reminds me of those ant farms where you can see the tunnels through the dirt 😂
  • Was there a discussion about night sweats somewhere? I woke up drenched one night over the weekend and again last night. Not fun. 
  • @bows22- it happens to me every night. It’s been so bad I’m tempted to sleep on my deck, but I’m too nervous about the wild animals. Do you have any fans that you can put on you? 
  • I've been so hot today. I went down into the cold basement and still sweat through my nightgown. 
  • moogieksmoogieks member
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    I sweat at night. I sweat in the day. It never ends. Sweaty feet are the worst!! And its like I need a shower much more often, which is annoying to shower bc im so round! My sleep is definitely taking a hit (its 11:30pm rn), tho I tend to make up for it with a daytime nap. I am hit with the nesting bug HARD and have made 3 batches of cookies in the last 2 weeks. I hardly make cookies but for specially occasions. But I was POSSESSED with the need..which is bad bc I WFH and just decided I needed to do it instead of work LOL. 
    The clutter in my home has GOT to go and I want to do projects like spray paint and put up shelves but I know I shouldn't bc I'm preggo. No ladders for me! 
  • @kat_vegan87 that’s a good idea, DH put a fan by me because I have a fever from covid currently, it may just need to stay here even when I’m better 
  • It’s interesting a few of you mentioned ear infections- my ears have been so itchy (on the inner part you can’t itch) and it’s driving me nuts. I put it on the list to ask about at today’s appt. It might be related to allergies or pregnancy rhinitis?

    I’m getting uncomfortable just moving around, and am having a lot of regular insomnia. I have anxiety about a lot of things at night, including my daughter starting school, work transitions, and getting ready for the baby, and just read at night. And then I’m exhausted the next day. Sigh.

    My midwife prescribed this fancy, prescription belly band that I got fitted for and it’s been helping a lot with the hip pain! The only problem is that it’s really hot and gets so gross and sweaty, so I don’t wear it all the time.
  • @merostomata same here with the anxiety and insomnia! And general discomfort lol. But I have been waking up at about 3:00am everyday and that’s it! Just awake and worrying. Finances, work, kids, to do list… I do stay in bed and read, I figure resting is better than nothing, but sometimes it’s tempting to just get up and do stuff! But then I remember how uncomfortable it is to move 😂
  • I'm with most of the comments here... the insomnia has been pretty bad, the lightning crotch and loose-feeling tailbone is fun with #4, and the nesting has been kicking in! We're doing a pretty full basement reno to make bedrooms for our older 2 kids, and we are on the final stretch- we finished painting and flooring a couple days ago, and I painted the trim while hubby was at work. We hung the first of 3 doors yesterday, the second needs a bit of finessing to make it work, and unfortunately my pregnancy brain made me buy the wrong size for the last one 🤦‍♀️. We're doing it all ourselves, so demolition,  climbing ladders, framing, drywalling, mudding, flooring, and painting has been my prenatal workout for the last 3 months, lol. Now it's just the finishing touches of installing the trim, painting the doors once they're finally all hung, and a couple small touch-ups where we nicked the paint with the flooring, lol. Then to finish up the furniture and get them all moved in! I swear I will have them in by the end of August!
  • Thanks, it's been a long road, and a huge learning curve!

    Ok here's a new symptom I never had with the previous 3 pregnancies: the skin on the top of my second toe of one foot is numb... when I rub it lightly, I hardly feel anything at all! I googled it, and apparently it can happen in your toes because of the extra fluid and swelling pressing on nerves, kind of like carpal tunnel in your wrists and hands. My fingers do tingle when I'm painting sometimes, and I had pretty bad carpal tunnel with my last baby, but the numb toe is a new one!
  • Ladies, I am going NUTS. For the past week, my ears have been feeling super full/plugged. I even went to urgent care a couple days ago, and they said there is no infection or wax buildup. I feel otherwise ok (not sick), but there is no explanation for this. Could this be pregnancy related?? I’m 29 weeks today.
  • Are you congested at all? 
  • @bows22 YES. From early on, I wake up most nights/mornings absolutely drenched in sweat. This never happened pre-pregnancy. I feel so gross and showering a lot, usually 2x/day. 
  • The insomnia/restless legs/inability to get comfortable is the worst.  

    But I have a funny new symptom - I wake up with drool coming out of the side of my mouth, only when sleeping on the right side.  I’ve never drooled in my sleep in my life.  The last two weeks, even if I just close my eyes on the couch for like 5 minutes and briefly doze off, if I’m on my right side the hand that I have under my chin will be all droolly!  Is this a thing for anyone else?
  • I get drooly for my naps, my nose is just congested more in the day so I mouth-breathe for my naps. Possibly what's happening?
  • @krthouse I am kind of chronically congested, especially since becoming pregnant. My nose is constantly runny. Before pregnancy I’ve always attributed it to just being in Michigan weather but I’m not sure.
  • My allergies/congestion are definitely up since getting pregnant.

    Right now starting to get the insomnia. Plus the need to pee a few times a night. At least I can nap a little most days but it's frustrating in the evening when I don't wanna keep my husband up or wake him up from my pregnancy bathroom trips. Like who can really silently get in and out of bed this large?? (33w) 
  • My husband sleeps with ears plugs in if my snoring and moving around wakes him up too often. 🤣
  • My swelling is off the charts right now. Summer heat definitely isn't helping, but my BP also rose significantly from my last app. All of my other labs are normal, so thankfully not pre-e (at least officially), but still incredibly concerning. OB is keeping a close eye on things, and has said to pretty much call immediately if it stays high for more than 3 days/go directly to L&D if it's over 160. Trying not to stress as much as I can, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about things. If BP is still high at 36w, she said we'll probably want to discuss induction by 38w.  :|
  • I've been feeling a lot more pressure in my bump and lower pelvis lately, maybe because she's head down now. I'm kind of hoping we can do a growth scan too, but late term ultrasounds aren't typical practice with midwives unless there's cause for concern. DS was a big bubba so I'd love if I could get a head's up about that again. My fundal height had been right on track at least.
  • I slept pretty well during this past week (the heat broke so that probably was most of it!) but last night was up through the wee hours… all I want is iced coffee! Lots and lots and lots!  Trying to be very modest about it, but it is all I want to drink! ☕️ 🧊 ☕️ 🧊 
  • My legs are cramping and going numb - movement is becoming almost impossible. My little guy is measuring 11 days ahead so even though im 31 weeks im feeling 33/34 weeks and im just really over it. 
  • Just stood up from the couch too quickly and got a very sudden and extremely painful feeling in my lower right abdomen. It's right around where I sometimes get round ligament pain, but the degree of pain was insane and took a few minutes to subside. I've never felt that before in either pregnancy and had to do a lot of deep breathing for pain management. Has anyone experienced this before?
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