New to Group/First IVF Cycle - Possible Premature Ovulation

Hello to the group!

My husband and I have begun our first round of IVF after being diagnosed with male factor infertility in March 2022.
I woke up this morning for monitoring and ultrasound and was very excited to hear from the doctor that we looked to be on schedule for a retrieval this Friday or Saturday.

This afternoon I received a call, and could hear immediately in the nurse's voice that she wasn't calling just with my medication adjustment. Apparently, according to my blood work, it seems very likely that I have ovulated. I am currently taking Menopur, Follistm, and Ganirelix.

For this evening, my doctor has upped my medication to 4 vials of Menopur to try to get my hormone levels up (in the unlikely case I haven't ovulated yet).

I'm wondering if anyone in this group has also experienced this. I'm looking for any insight as to how and why this may have happened, and also for any important questions that I should ask my doctor tomorrow morning.

Good luck to everyone here- and thank you for reading


Re: New to Group/First IVF Cycle - Possible Premature Ovulation

  • Sorry, this sounds very unusual. I am not sure if anyone has been in situation like this.
    Please follow your doctor and ask them for clarification.
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