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Re: Weekly Randoms w/o 8/1

  • nopegoatnopegoat member
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    I have survived the first trimester of 6 pregnancies on French fries, peppermints,nutty buddies, and pickles. Pickles are eh, peppermints and nutty buddies are a big no all of a sudden, and while I can eat them the smell of French fries cooking is making me want to puke this pregnancy. I feel so betrayed. 😅😭😭
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  • This morning my social media news feeds were full of Back to School pictures, and it hit me that it's August! My girl doesn't start for another 2.5 weeks, but how is it August already!
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  • @marebear15 - 2.5 weeks!? That feels so early. Maryland goes back the week before labor day, and even then I'm already stressing about getting my kiddo ready! 

    @nopegoat nooooo! ....maybe this means it's a girl?? 
  • @nopegoat what crap that all your old standbys are letting you down! I had a similar situation yesterday when I tried to eat one of the ginger tummy drops that I lived on last time. 

    The nausea is hitting HARD since yesterday. Eating, depending what I eat, temporarily helps but then I feel like poo again. I don't think it started so early with DD, but maybe it's worse with subsequent pregnancies?
  • +1 to nausea club. However, I am fine as long as I’m eating. But I can’t eat 24/7 plus I don’t want to gain a ton of weight up front. What an amazing predicament. Currently eating a salad and pretending it’s French fries. 
  • @bbrahmbhatt that is too real. I got to the point today where I thought, "I wonder if I actually throw up then maybe I'll feel better." And I did... for about 15 minutes and now I feel like garbage again. 🤣

    @nopegoat that sucks. I'm struggling from one day to the next with food. The only consistent okay thing are York peppermint patties. Not the store brand either, found that out the hard way. 

    @Wishilivedinflorida I miss salad! I tried to make one the other day and only made it through one bite. 
  • @novamama2023 I haven’t been able to stomach most veggies, particular green veggies for the past two weeks (weeks 7/8) other than cucumber 🥒. So I’ve been forcing myself to eat carrot sticks to get some vitamins. Mostly I’m eating beige foods - lots of oatmeal and bread, chicken and tofu. The idea of salad is nauseating!

    @Wishilivedinflorida I read “Expecting Better” by Emily Oster and her interpretation of weight guidelines for pregnancy is that gaining too much weight is far less dangerous than losing too much weight. I’m going with the breastfeeding versus formula mindset of “fed is best” when it applies to my eating during the pregnancy. Although the other day I told my DH I was craving dessert and he said, “well go eat dessert and feed the baby,” and I had to explain to him that I can’t start thinking I’m eating for two yet! 
  • @excitedforpiscesbaby I’ve been eating cucumber too. My problem is the beige foods as well. Just aiming for moderation and smaller more frequent meals. So far I’m the same as prior pregnancies and I’m not throwing up, but it’s this constant nagging queasiness if I’m sitting without food or drink. I NEVER drink soda except while pregnant and I’ve had so much over the last week. 
  • Does anyone have recommendations for gummy prenatal vitamins? I've been taking the regular nature's made ones for months (long before I was trying to get pregnant) and they were fine. Now that I'm having morning sickness (all day, no breaks) I'm really struggling to keep them down. Are gummy vitamins easier? I have an appointment next week and will be talking with the doctor about this but maybe I need to call my doctor for an anti-nausea medication before that. 
  • @Wishilivedinflorida I am also needing fizzy drinks constantly! I’m surprised but it’s actually helping my nausea. Idk if you like seltzer, but Spindrift has been a lifesaver for me so far! It’s made with carbonated water and fruit juice and that’s it. When I want it sweeter I combine it with fruit juice. 10/10 so yummy! (Just make sure to get the nonalcoholic kind- they just started selling a spiked version that I almost bought the other day 😅).
  • @Wishilivedinflorida I am also needing fizzy drinks constantly! I’m surprised but it’s actually helping my nausea. Idk if you like seltzer, but Spindrift has been a lifesaver for me so far! It’s made with carbonated water and fruit juice and that’s it. When I want it sweeter I combine it with fruit juice. 10/10 so yummy! (Just make sure to get the nonalcoholic kind- they just started selling a spiked version that I almost bought the other day 😅).
    Funny you mentioned this…I’ve really liked their raspberry lime! I had never heard of it until I ran into a friend who was leaving target with a couple cases so I got some to try. I hate la croix and most other seltzers but this isn’t too bad. I still have probably one Sierra Mist or ginger ale per day when I’m really struggling. 

    @novamama2023 I like smarty pants brand. You have to take 4 gummies but I stomach them well and you can space them out if needed. 
  • This combination has been life so far this week.  Our Aldi sells these salad packs and little protein packs and I picked them up- and game changing! I’ve found my nausea hits in the late afternoon, so if I can do a salad at lunch and a protein pack for my morning snack, I’ve felt better and my toast and applesauce dinner has been sufficient.  That’s this week- who knows for next week 😅 
  • My other weekly random is that I started reading the Bridgerton series, which means as I do paperwork today at work, I'm re-watching Season 1 :) 
  • @heytallmama - I’ve read all of them and they are 💯 *chefs kiss*. 
  • @burr1371 I was surprised that I slammed through the 1st one in a day! 
  • @heytallmama Definitely not banking on this one being a girl. All my usual aversions are still there too. 😭

    @bbrahmbhatt it's gotten worse and started earlier with each of mine.

    @novamama2023 I used the smarty pants gummies my last pregnancy with zero complaints. 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
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  • Small rant: I miss sushi! It used to be my go to comfort food. Something about the carbs and the raw fish. And now I can't have it, but I want it so bad. 🙈🤣
  • cheznetcheznet member
    @novamama2023 I know it's not the same, but could you have, like avocado/mango/cucumber rolls? I love those! And tempura!
  • @Wishilivedinflorida and others craving fizzy drinks. A friend gave this to me to try. It gives that fizzy taste without being overwhelming. Didn't help with the nausea but didn't make me want to puke either so I'm calling it a win.

    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • Thanks @nopegoat I’ll have to try that. I think the fizz just fills me up more and that’s why it helps. I meant to check out that isle at target but didn’t want anyone catching me that I knew (I ALWAYS run into someone there that I know!)
  • @novamama2023 - I don't avoid sushi with cooked meat when I'm pregnant, if it's from a place that's reputable. I know it's not quite the same, but it scratches that itch for me.

    @nopegoat - That looks really good! I'll have to see if a store around here carries it.
  • nopegoatnopegoat member
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    @auriculatus yayayay!!!!

    @Wishilivedinflorida @marebear15 I think you can get it online too! 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • Whew trying to clean and pack for a weekend trip is exhausting (not to mention the waves of nausea!) I am so glad I took an extra day off before and after so I can nap and take my time. Fingers crossed I don’t get car sick, but I never have before. I’m packing lots of ginger ale and snacks. 
  • @nopegoat That baby goat is so adorable 😍 I want to have goats one day, you're living my dream even if the goats are mischevious!
  • novamama2023novamama2023 member
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    For those of you with dogs, what did you do to acclimate them to baby ahead of your first kiddo? And when did you start that training?

    I have two dogs. One could care less about kids unless they have food (beagle mix) and the other loves kids but is scared of nearly everything associated with kids. Truly, a kid in a stroller is her biggest conflict in life because she wants to say hello to the kid but is terrified of the stroller. 🤣🤣

    Any and all recommendations welcome since I'm a first time mom. 
  • @novamama2023 With our first, we just let our pitty into the nursery a lot; let her get acclimated to the many things in there, smell blankets and such. We made sure to teach her boundaries about jumping on people and things. We also had only adopted her when I was 7 months pregnant because our 1st pup died when I was 10 weeks along. I was determined to have baby grow up with a dog!  Once we brought our daughter home, we let her sniff her a lot while we were holding her and she was alway very gentle. She was a very anxious dog, but the crying didn't bother her; she just stayed close. Those two were best buddies <3 

    Also - I have thought we were unusually quiet this week and then I went to reply to comment as much here and realized the app logged me out, so it wasn't refreshing the threads. Thaaaaaanks, Bump.  :|
  • @novamama2023 I made sure that I was able to do things a baby might initially do (within reason) light tug on ears, tail, take away food to get her used to it a bit. But I've also worked at a shelter and know that no animal is truly "safe". My BIG thing was when my baby was old enough was to start teaching her young. They catch on quick. Gentle touch, no putting your face in the dogs face, no taking away food. When she slapped excitedly I would take her hand and demonstrate the proper way to pet. 

  • @heytallmama The thing I'm most excited about is our kiddo growing up with dogs from day 1. 🥰

    @gravcass You're definitely right about teaching the kids is the most important part of it. I have distinct memories of being a child and my parents teaching how to introduce myself to our new pets and I've done that with my friends' kids and it does make a big difference with the overall experience. 

    @nopegoat Puppy piranha is a good description. 🤣🤣
  • Not so humble brag. I just ate my first real, full meal in 3 weeks. It was glorious and best of all no aftertaste that makes me want to barf. 😭 

    Shrimp and crawfish poboy, fried pickles, and coleslaw. But seriously I can't stomach chicken or any other meat but can do shrimp and crawfish. Who came up with how pregnancy aversions work.. 😑
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @nopegoat yay!!!! That's awesome. Fx for another good meal lol coleslaw sounds amazing right now. 

    I've entered my meat aversion stage. Had it last pregnancy. Tried to eat my chicken for lunch and just stared at it for a couple min and put it away 🤣 
  • @marebear15 so exciting!! We booked our first Disney trip last month!!! When are you going?! We leave in 423 days 🤣
  • I just ate an 8 ounce medium rare steak and half a lobster. I have zero regrets. 
  • I miss blue cheese! I didn’t realize before how much I ate it on everything! That’s the only rant today. 

    @Wishilivedinflorida excellent choice! That literally sounds divine. I’ve been thinking about steak all day.
  • heytallmamaheytallmama member
    edited August 7
    oh man I remember craving steak big time when I was pregnant with my daughter. Yum. 

    We went out last night to a really nice restaurant before seeing a show last night and the waiter said they couldn’t do mocktails… my dude. You have a mojito on the menu. Omit rum…there is a mocktail. Granted I had like 2 sips of my lemonade before my body was all “nope” so, for the best. Oh, but dinner was so good. First full, real meal in ages! 

    Thank god we had seats at the show (I mean, it was a stand up comedy show), because I was bloated af about an hour later and had to unbutton my pants 😂
  • My husband and I went to a birthday party for a friend yesterday. We're all older so it was a mixed crowd including kids and grandparents/ older neighbors. It was super fun, though I couldn't really eat anything there because it was either not pregnancy friendly (mackerel that looked delicious), had been sitting out while everyone picked over the buffet, or I had an aversion to it. I was probably staring at the buffet for about 5 minutes before I grabbed a handful of chips and a seltzer. 

    Anyways, our friend's mom clearly thought I was pregnant and joked about it with us in front of a bunch of our friends. We aren't telling anyone yet and I totally froze when it was trying to respond. Everyone took my silence as a No. She was absolutely mortified when she realized I "wasn't pregnant." It was so hard not to spill the beans in front of all of our friends! And, to her credit I might only be 8 weeks but I am so bloated I look pregnant and I was wearing a maternity dress (one of those that expand throughout) because none of my pants or shorts fit. 🤣🤣

    I'll make sure to tell her daughter in law to pass along the info when we do announce. 🤣
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