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Why my pregnant self is crying - August

What's making you weep this month?
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Re: Why my pregnant self is crying - August

  • Went to the facility that will be the hospital I give birth in (unless something crazy happens and I can’t make it there). I was scoping out where the OB/GYN department is to prep and I saw the signs pointing to the hospital maternity ward and I teared up! It’s starting to get REAL!!! ❤️🥹
  • @cpk3535 That's so sweet  <3 It is getting real, isn't it? 

    Me... well... I went to a private ultrasound because I was worried something was wrong with the baby. All was well, perfect even. So I left the clinic, over the moon and unfocused. Got in my brand new and much larger than I'm used to car. Hit a house wall in the driveway out of the clinic. Figured all was fine because It didn't sound too bad although I knew there was contact. Went home and inspected the car. Turns out I've totally scratched and dented my brand new car!!!! And the total sum of my feelings of relief and utter joy and annoyance and (weirdly) straight up sadness at hurting the poor car and also stress that I might have done damage to the building just has me crying unstoppably now, and it literally happened two hours ago! Pregnany emotions are weird! 
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  • @justkp Ah, wonderful on the ultrasound! So sorry about the car stuff. Lol, it is funny how we react to things while pregnant- everything is such a big deal!! 
  • @cpk3535 It's so silly, isn't it?! :D The car is literally unimportant, we can get it fixed and will never actually notice the money spent. Yet it still upset me, but at the same time I walk around smiling widely to strangers on the street like a lunatic because my baby is okay. Complete lack of emotional control atm  :D
  • Man, I’m just a mess. Doing my first trimester yoga tonight and had a mini-breakdown listening to the teacher tell me how to ask for support from people during this time where our pregnancies aren’t that noticeable to others yet. I’m way too emotional right now, lol 😂🙄😢
  • I attended my first hypnobirthing class last night and we were shown a video of a birth. The footage made me all teary-eyed. It was very touching to see the husband supporting the mother and the immediate family together including the siblings witnessing the birth for their little baby brother. 
  • Just drove home from the grocery store behind a mom of a deceased Marine lost one year ago. The mom was driving with a bouquet of flowers out the window of her van. She had all sorts of stickers and info on the back window of her van and I looked up his story. After reading the tragic story of his mysterious death (they’re still trying to find answers), I donated on their GoFundMe page. Heartbreaking 💔😢
  • @cpk3535 I would probably look it up and cry too! 
  • @cpk3535 that sounds very sad. I’m sure that would make me cry too! 

    I was crying because my memory on Facebook today was my surprise baby shower for my first baby. She’s going to be 5 this year! And she is my rainbow baby.  
  • My dad's wife just showed me that she is knitting the cutest woollen body for when baby gets born, 0-1 months. And it's tiny and adorable and will be worn by an actual living baby, my baby!  :'(  <3

    @cpk3535 Oh no, poor family :'(
  • Just watched the ending of a season of “Great British Bake-off” on Netflix and they showed one of the finalists with his sweet newborn resting on his chest while he sat on the couch. Ach, I’m still tearing up, lol!! 🥹🥹❤️❤️
  • @cpk3535 I LOVE that show! I can’t wait to see the 2022 season when it comes out. I’m chomping at the bit waiting for Netflix to post it but seems like they are still in the filming process. 
  • Because everything. 😭
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