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What my pregnant self is eating - August


Re: What my pregnant self is eating - August

  • Last night, to add to the pickled club, I bought a small box of pickled ginger from the store with sushi for my family. So good!!! Kind of fills the sushi void, too ❤️😊😋
  • Cold fruits especially blackberries, watermelon, pineapple, pears. Anything juicy. I just ate a huge whole tomato and loved it. Soups have been on my mind a lot lately too. Guess I just want liquids
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  • I’m in the same boat as you where my pants don’t fit but I’ve lost weight. So glad to be able to eat again, and now I’m just chowing down. Everything sounds delicious on this board and I’m hungry again. 😋
  • @cpk3535 Oooh that sounds good as well!! 

    @Knottie416752c1421c172c Totally with you on the fruit thing! I went on a family weekend and there was a plate of cut watermelon when we arrived. And then I tried it, and it had totally gone off. I was soooo ready to eat all of the watermelon, I was heartbroken!  :D My dinner today was half a bag of frozen strawberries. Or rather, I was hungry before dinnertime, had half a bag of frozen strawberries and now I'm full and don't want any dinner :D 
  • I’ve had all sorts of random cravings come and go so far, but my one true consistent thing I always want is soup. I love summer but I’m looking forward to fall cooking and hopefully having some energy back to make soups! 
  • @kristinl492 I can’t wait to eat more soup, especially the more I want veggies worked into my everyday diet. So much easier to get a super healthy meal with soup and stew. If only it wasn’t 100 degrees outside still…🥵
  • @cpk3535 yes, my body is definitely in need of some veggies these days. Lots of simple carbs are fueling this body right now 😂
  • It’s so hot, but I’m starting to make more oven dishes anyway. I need to get my veggies on!! Tonight, I’m going to make a veggie potpie. Just running the A/C a little more 🤷‍♀️
  • @cpk3535 pot pie sounds delicious!
  • @cpk3535 I love a good pot pie. Nothing sounds good to me ever.  But my husband did buy me some pumpkin spice Oreos and cool whip which is a total indulgence but tastes just like a little pumpkin pie. I know there are strong anti pumpkin spice feelings but I happen to love it.  Sadly I’m so nauseous tonight I can’t even enjoy that. 
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