1st Trimester

Tsh 4.8

Hi! Prior to pregnancy my TSH was little on high side ,I don’t have any auttoimmune disease. I was started on synthroid. I had my first ob visit today I have 9 weeks 3 days, and my tsh is 4.8! I was told to increase my medication. But now I’m scared that it’s already too late and maybe the baby’s brain is already affected .

Re: Tsh 4.8

  • I have hypothyroidism and my tsh fluctuates. If you started a higher dose I’m sure you’re fine. During my other pregnancy I had to go up in dosage. I highly doubt that your tsh will effect your baby especially because you have been on top of going to the doctor. Babies are so resilient even in the womb. It’s normal during pregnancy to have your tsh move because of the way your hormones fluctuate. I wouldn’t worry about it. If your doctor was concerned they would have said something. 
  • I wouldn’t worry, your baby shouldn’t be affected
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