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HDBD 7/27

Show off your bump if you’ve got it!

Re: HDBD 7/27

  • This is my 3rd (successful) pregnancy, and I just can’t believe the difference between each of these at 16 weeks! I was so sick with my first through week 15, I lost weight. I was not showing at all. Progressively have been bigger each time now. My friend and I have a theory that IVF meds make you bloat more (this current pregnancy is IVF for surrogacy).

  • Mini bump! I’ve only gained one pound so far and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s entirely from my boobs! DH has a plan to make healthy snacks more fun so I’m more inclined to eat them. 
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  • I was inspired by @daffodil_shoe and spent way too long trying to recreate this pic from my 2nd pregnancy. Same room, same shirt, very similar bump

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