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FET tomorrow

And I’m feeling all kinds of feelings! Any words of advice? My husband is purposefully emotionally detached because we know it might not work, but I’m not finding that helpful. And it must be easier to be removed from the process if you’re not the one at all these doctors appointments! I’m feeling overwhelmed at unknowable futures and isolated to be feeling that alone.

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  • ttc3yttc3y member
    @brooklyn7476 I just wanted to respond and let you know that you are not alone even though you may feel that way. A month prior to my first FET was incredibly emotionally challenging for me too with all sorts of anxieties and fears. My husband was somewhat emotionally detached and compartmentalized until probably our 6 week ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy. I know, it’s not fair. The fertility journey for women is never fair, especially if you go through IVF. The burden is on us. 

    When dealing with my emotions with fertility, I have done the following:

    Journal - sometimes just writing your thoughts and emotions down help. And doesn’t even have to words, you can draw or color instead. 

    Meditate - ex: sending loving thoughts to your unborn baby letting it know how much you love it and how deeply it is wanted. 

    Do an activity/ hobby I love - for me it’s pottery and sewing

    Activities of self-care - facial, bath, movement


    Seek professional counseling - I still see my counselor every two weeks. She helped me a lot too. 

    Stay positive. Stay hopeful. What if you are successfully pregnant, how would that feel? I wish you a very successful FET tomorrow. Sending you positive baby dust your way! ✨✨✨

  • ❤️ thank you for your kindness! The transfer went well today, and I’m feeling hopeful 🤞 
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  • atlgagrlatlgagrl member

    Drink enough fluids and follow the post transfer instructions.
    Remember than symptoms or no symptoms do not mean anything. HCG test is what you should be counting on. Avoid testing at home before blood test. 
    Also remember that spotting can occur and it may normal -  prepare yourself and make a plan for talking to your doc and nurses in that case.

    Wish you the best - it is a difficult journey and so take one day at a time.
  • Blood test tomorrow!
  • ttc3yttc3y member
    @brooklyn7476 I’m so glad the transfer went well! Please keep us posted with the blood test result. We are rooting for you! ❤️😊❤️
  • Wish you the best. Remember to ask for other numbers and any adjustments to meds.
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